Providing in-depth insight on where and how the OR-organization could improve

What they wanted

A medium-sized hospital in the Netherlands with operating room complexes on three different locations had the ambition to professionalize their operations in the operating rooms (OR). The hospital board and OR-management had no clear insight in the performance of the OR on the most important KPI’s. The board asked IG&H to help the OR-organisation to get in depth insight in the most important KPI’s, and vision on where and how to improve.

What we did

IG&H, together with the OR-management, created insight into several important KPIs. For many medical specialists and employees this was the first time they got to know their performance on important KPI’s like occupation and utilisation. Next to this, we guided the OR-leadership team together with the medical management in creating an open dialogue in order to discuss the improvement areas. With the insights and the improved atmosphere, we were able to jointly optimise the OR processes step-by-step. Besides this, job satisfaction went up as disagreements were finally expressed and resolved. To secure the new way of working we taught the teams our continuous improvement methods.

What they said

With the help of IG&H we have created a much better atmosphere on the OR and there is much better cooperation between the departments and employees. In addition, the utiliSation rate of the different OR-locations has increased by 2%-point, resulting in a recurring margin improvement of half million euro per year.

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