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Fast Moving Consumer Goods  

Your partner for renewed
customer focus in FMCG

The lines between FMCG players and retailers are blurring. A clear understanding of your supply chain and consumer desires has never been more important. With data capabilities and an adaptive business model you accelerate growth, rebuilding and strengthening your customer relationships. We are your partner for renewed customer focus in FMCG, powered by data science.  

Fast Moving Consumer Goods

Our service offerings

Data-driven and
transparent supply chain  

Gain control, transparency and collaborate with partners along the chain from end to end

Improve your (D2C)-Strategy.

Reach and interact directly with your consumers, increase your cross- and upsell potential

Take the wheel
with a data strategy

Become a data-driven organization using data to create an optimized assortment and use predictive analytics to develop your strategy

Become an agile
and adaptive business 

Data and optimized processes enable businesses to both act and react quicker to changing environments, allowing product and service innovation

Embrace and embed
Optimize your assortment and logistics to reduce warehousing, transportation and minimize packaging materials

Ethical purchasing

and radical transparency  

Increase customer focus and optimize your customer relationships by adopting radical transparency and ethical values

Ready to reconnect with consumers? 

With over 35 years of retail experience, we understand the pressure faced by the FMCG sector. You can rely on IG&H as a sector insider that has all the necessary capabilities for a smart, data-driven way of working. Our select technology partners and in-house developers allow us to build bespoke and off-the-shelf solutions for you. We bring all necessary capabilities together and ensure your new strategy lands with your organization, moving your FMCG forward with renewed customer focus, attention to sustainability and data-driven innovation.  

Cazijn Langeler
Director FMCG
  • LinkedIn
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