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IG&H AllVida

The smart admin leader

IG&H AllVida is an admin system designed for life insurers, health insurers and pension providers. In light of the new Dutch pension agreement, this system is also available in a pre-configured version that is ready to service the new pension schemes.

Product configurator

Define and manage product options in a multi-client context and within the limits of legislation

Core administration

A rule, event and service engine, along with a set of administration objects and a product model for participant, employer and policy administration.

Product and service catalog

A standard configuraton set of coverages, events and calculation rules. It's compliant by design and covers the configuration of the product configurator and core admin.

Pre-configured for the new pension agreement

While the majority make the switch to the DC system, some participants will remain in the current DB scheme. With IG&H AllVida, you comply with two systems running in parallel.

3 main components

IG&H AllVida at Pensioenfonds Horeca & Catering




transaction volume
per month

1-2 mil

8 months

lead time
start to go-live

“Our first project, replacing the employer administration, was made possible by combining low code  and the ‘hard’ pension administration core of IG&H.’’


Paul Braams | CEO Pensioenfonds Horeca & Catering

How can we help you?

Benefit from our market insights, deep sector knowledge, consulting skills and the broad set of digital capabilities that allowed us to build the solution IG&H AllVida. Would you like to know more about what IG&H AllVida can do for your pension or insurance business? 

Frans Liem
Managing Director Pensions
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Frans Liem, Managing Director Pensions
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