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Digital Transformation

Ready to join the digital revolution?

It’s not hype, your sector is changing. Your competitors are digitizing, and your customers are right there with them. Whether your business needs to transform is no longer the question. Now, the question is what exactly can be transformed and how?

A lot more needs to transform than just your technology

Technology is a critical piece of the puzzle, but the puzzle also includes minds and hearts and habits. In fact, neglecting to address the human factor is the number one reason why many digital transformations fail. If you make a misstep, your business is at stake—it’s got to be flawless, fast, and effective.  It’s got to cover all the bases and ensure everything is aligned, from business processes to executive communication, from cloud platforms to employee empowerment. Your house needs a new foundation. This is probably not something you can accomplish on your own.

Your transformation starts and ends here

IG&H is the only services provider that combines strategy consulting with world-class transformation and technology capabilities under one roof. We are uniquely able to guide you through your digital journey from end to end. One partner that provides everything you need to go from digital ambition to successful transformation.


Our only focus is your success. The result? Companies stay relevant to the changing needs of their customers and win against their competitors. And we have happy, long term customer relationships and the highest net promoter scores in our category.

Digital transformation

The benefits of business transformation

​A successful digital transformation will not only enable you to stay ahead of the curve in your industry, it will literally pay for itself by enabling:

Increased revenue
Reduced operational costs

customer satisfaction

employee satisfaction

“There are three reasons why we are very satisfied with the IG&H collaboration: the professionality of the people, the collegiality throughout the collaboration and the fact that our partnership goes beyond temporarily commercial deal.”

Paul Braams | CEO Pensioenfonds Horeca & Catering 


The Digital Transformation Journey playbook

The process of digital transformation asks everyone in an organization to embark on a journey that is outlined in this playbook. Every step of the way, we discuss the most crucial questions that management, business owners, or team members should answer to ensure a smooth and successful transition.


Get to know what is waiting for you on the other side of your digital journey with the IG&H Digital Transformation Journey playbook. Curious?

Find your solution

Digital transformation sounds big, and it is, but we help you break it down into actionable chunks and get the job done fast.
Our sector experts and capabilities can address every aspect of your business that needs to be transformed. They will work with you to create a holistic strategy and then execute it from end to end—from changes in corporate culture to a cloud platform implementation from one of our world-class technology partners. Here’s an overview of the services you can choose from:

Let’s go on this journey together

Stay ahead of your competitors by transforming your business. We have over 35 years of experience in helping clients innovate, deliver superior experiences and execute on their strategies. Let’s arrange a meeting to discuss how we can help.

Jorien Weerdenburg

Director Transformation

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