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Your partner in pension transformation

We accelerate digital transformation in pensions for a successful transition to the new Dutch Pension System by 2027. IG&H combines leading market insights, deep sector knowledge, consulting skills and a broad set of digital capabilities - including a complete pension software solution.   

Need help navigating the strategic transformation towards the new pension system?  

Moving from defined benefit to defined contribution, the pension and IT landscape face fundamental changes.


We guide pension providers (Dutch Pensioenuitvoerders) in their transformation to ensure a sustainable market position. We support them on their journey from administrative companies to customer-driven professional service companies. We help pension insurers (Dutch Pensioen verzekeraars) to compete in their market segment and set the benchmark in terms of costs and customer service. We also support pension fund directors (Dutch Pensioenfonds bestuurders) in making the right decisions. This means their choices are in the best interest of their participants and employers.