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We accelerate digital transformation in pensions for a successful transition to the new Dutch Pension System by 2027. IG&H combines leading market insights, deep sector knowledge, consulting skills and a broad set of digital capabilities - including a complete pension software solution.   

Need help navigating the strategic transformation towards the new pension system?  

Moving from defined benefit to defined contribution, the pension and IT landscape face fundamental changes.


We guide pension providers (Dutch Pensioenuitvoerders) in their transformation to ensure a sustainable market position. We support them on their journey from administrative companies to customer-driven professional service companies. We help pension insurers (Dutch Pensioen verzekeraars) to compete in their market segment and set the benchmark in terms of costs and customer service. We also support pension fund directors (Dutch Pensioenfonds bestuurders) in making the right decisions. This means their choices are in the best interest of their participants and employers. 

Our six pension transformation offerings

Whether it's strategic sector advice, a pension solution or ISO certified IT support, we combine consulting and technology for effective pension solutions. Why? So you can cover all the bases.

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Market intelligence
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Organizational change
Customer Experience 

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Transformation Consultancy 
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Key challenges for pension providers and insurers

The pension sector transition raises challenges (and opportunities!) for both pension providers and insurers. These range from strategic topics to execution and technology enablement. The challenge is to cover all the bases. This boils down to the question:


How do you ensure a long-term sustainable market position combining excellent customer service at a low cost and being compliant with all regulations by design? 

Some typical questions we can help you with:  

  • How do I cope with product changes, bringing multiple requirements and regulatory changes together into a standardized product /service offering? 

  • How do I become more customer-centric in my way of working and elevate customer service to the next level?  

  • How do I change my legacy systems to a digital low-cost high service provider?  

  • How do I ensure data quality and integrity, including during the transition period?  

...and many more.​

"IG&H contributed the right expertise and achieved results together with the Achmea team. IG&H is skilled, enthusiastic, driven and a pleasure to work with."

Tom van der Spek | Division chairman Achmea Pensioen Services

Key challenges for Pension funds 

Pension funds are faced with a sector transition that has a large effect on the participants and employers that they serve. It is their responsibility to make choices that are in the best interest of these groups.

Managing this transition raises a lot of questions. Self-administrating funds must evaluate their competencies and scale. Others may look into outsourcing the transition. IG&H can help pension funds to adapt their organization, support the digital transformation of their services and guide them in making the right choices.

Some typical questions we are equipped to handle include:

  • Which services are provided and at what costs?

  • How do you ensure compliance with supervising authorities?   

  • How are changes communicated to employers and participants?

...and many more.

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The future of pensions, fortified 

Are you ready for more than just getting up to code? Provide your stakeholders with a holistic pension transformation to confidently face the future. As the number one pensions consultant in the Netherlands with over 30 years of pension expertise, we know how to make your transition a success.  

Frans Liem

Managing Director