Translate an inspiring vision into an effective strategy and realise sustainable results. We aim to accelerate your organisation and simultaneously improve the healthcare sector by contributing to its affordability, quality, and accessibility. This is not an option; it is a must. Our clients vary from healthcare providers and health insurers to public organisations and major technology suppliers. Clients describe us as true sector insider, that is results-driven, analytical and with a great focus on ensuring a personal connection. Read more about our propositions below:


Strategy and execution

We are the partner of choice for translating your vision into an effective strategy that is ready to execute and that will lead to sustainable and tangible results. For this we use mutually reinforcing capabilities, such as sector expertise, power to change, data science and digital capabilities.

Business Operations


Healthy operational excellence

Organisation in the healthcare sector face the challenge to remain effective in an ever-changing environment. The demand for care services rises due to the non-COVID-deferred care and societal development, while costs must be reduced. We help you to conquer this by the effective use of various capabilities, resulting in an end-to-end transformation.


Digital Solution

We help you to find, execute and build innovative solutions to respond to the patients’ evolving needs. To ensure the Right Care at the Right time, in the Right place. We combine our sector-knowledge and IT-development capabilities to create a (digital) solution that helps organisations to effectively provide the necessary care. 

Value-driven Healthcare

"IG&H has done an excellent job providing methods that we can apply in practice. They made a difference."

Client UMC Utrecht

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Meet the evolving demands of the healthcare sector with balanced, effective solutions. We have 33 years’ experience helping organisations improve the quality, accessibility and affordability of healthcare.

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