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IG&H provides everything you need to improve the quality, accessibility, and affordability of healthcare – from more competitive business strategies to tools that enable self-management of care, to data-driven decision making.

Are appropriate and digital healthcare also on your sustainability agenda?

IG&H helps organizations to achieve the best possible outcomes for their patients, the populations they serve, and the care they provide, while at the same time looking for opportunities to improve organizational effectiveness and manage costs. From policy to patients and everything in-between, the healthcare sector is constantly evolving. Technological advancements, population aging, illness trends and the paradigm shift from sickness to health all have an impact on where healthcare is headed. 

Our service offerings

Our experience covers a broad range of health-related organizations, from healthcare providers and insurers to MedTech and national healthcare networks. Using our “Smart Collaboration” approach, IG&H assembles a team of experts with the right knowledge and capabilities to get the job done fast, whether it’s implementing a cloud platform for one device or transforming your entire organization.

healthcare delivery

To achieve high-quality, efficient and accessible care

Accelerating the new patient journey

For a friendly and efficient patient journey

Enabling data-driven healthcare

Enhanced everyday decision-making

Empowering commercial performance

Increasing commercial effectiveness to stay cost-effective

Replatforming healthcare

Replatforming healthcare providers and insurers

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“IG&H succeeded in listening to stakeholders, picking up on all the sounds and opinions, taking everyone along in the process. The collaboration was excellent, and the team was fantastic!”

Bas van den Dungen | former Directorate-general Curative Care

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Innovating the healthcare sector

Meet the evolving demands of the healthcare sector with balanced, effective solutions. We have decades of experience in helping organizations improve the quality, accessibility and affordability of healthcare. We are happy to dicuss how we can help. Let’s arrange a meeting.

Bas Leerink

Managing Director Healthcare

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