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IG&H provides everything you need to improve the quality, accessibility, and affordability of healthcare – from more competitive business strategies to tools that enable self-management of care, to data-driven decision making.

Need help reaching your Triple Aim?  

With the growing demands on the healthcare sector, the pressure to achieve Triple Aim is high. For any organization in the healthcare value chain, KPIs are guided by at least one pillar of Triple Aim: improve the patient journey, improve the health of populations, reduce the cost of care. 


Whether you need to achieve all three at once or have a smaller goal in sight, IG&H can help translate your vision into an actionable strategy and quickly turn that strategy into tangible, sustainable results.  

Our service offerings

IG&H helps healthcare organizations achieve the best possible outcomes for their patients, the populations they serve, and the care they provide. Our experience covers a broad range of health-related organizations, from MedTech providers and insurers to healthcare networks. Using our “Smart Collaboration” approach, IG&H assembles a team of experts with the right knowledge and capabilities to get the job done fast, whether it’s implementing a cloud platform for one device or transforming your entire organization.

Implementation and execution
Integral capacity management
Data-driven decision making
Building digital solutions
Innovation strategy and management

Our Healthcare consultants are the best of the best at what they do, and for them, transforming healthcare is more than a job, it’s their passion. Their insider knowledge of the healthcare industry, combined with a broad range of capabilities and the ability to deliver from end to end, make them much more than a sparring partner. Your IG&H Healthcare team will become a true partner in co-creating the next chapter in the life of your organization. And their passion and enthusiasm will ensure your transformation is a satisfying (possibly even fun) experience for you and your staff.  

Our People

"IG&H has done an excellent job providing methods that we can apply in practice. They made a difference."

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Make Strategy Work

Our proven, “make strategy work” methodology enables us to turn strategies into actionable programs that deliver value fast. Everything we do is informed by the facts we gather “on the ground” in your organization. We use these facts to develop an action plan that follows structured, predictable, logical processes. Along the way, we ensure that every employee is on board and contributing to the transformation. 


But we don’t just get the job done and get out, we’re with you for the long haul. We have many valued, long-term customer relationships in which we maintain and continually optimize their systems to maximize the benefits over time.  


Improving healthcare through innovation

The healthcare sector is under pressure from many sides. Adapting to changes in demand, government regulations and the call for better outcomes means providers must innovate to balance efficiency with effectiveness and compassion. For decades, IG&H has helped some of the largest healthcare providers in the Netherlands do just that.   


We approach each project with fresh eyes, an open mindset, and the most advanced technologies available, always asking how innovation can improve the lives of people, while still being good for business. We enable scalability, growth and automation while keeping the patient/provider relationship at the center of care.  


The 2020 healthcare contracting season looked set to be like any other. Then the COVID-19 crisis hit, and everything changed. What are the implications for the funding and contracting of hospital care? What can be learned from developments in the past season? And above all, what adjustments are needed to ensure success post-crisis. The IG&H Healthcare Sales Monitor 2020 can answer these questions for hospitals and insurers looking to restart talks with a healthy, collaborative mindset and an eye on efficiency.  


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