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IG&H Quantivate is an intelligent demand planning tool that offers you ​AI and Machine Learning algorithms, ​which help you recognize complex patterns and product relationships.

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DC Replenisher

Automatically generates purchase order advice for you

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Demand Forecaster

Helping you predict regular, seasonal and promotion customer demand

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Store Replenisher

Automatically produces store

order advice 

One-stop shop

With three apps in one suite, this tool gives you easy access to any solutions required. The interconnected modules work together to offer you improved decision-support.


3 components in one suite

We have proven that Quantivate delivers immediate business value

Department store omnichannel retailer

12% lower end stock costs

20% less material handling

Home & Living
Omnichannel retailer

5% increased sales potential

60% end stock reduction

Sports e-commerce retailer

0.5% additional turnover due to lost sales prevention.​​

Over 5% of working capital freed up so far by

avoiding overstock​​.

Rethink your role in retail

We have over 30 years of experience in helping clients innovate, deliver superior experiences and execute on their strategies. Our knowledge and understanding of the retail sector allowed us to build sophisticated solutions for you, helping you cater to your customers with the help of data and technology. Would you like to know more about IG&H Quantivate?

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Maarten Vaessen

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