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IG&H Quantivate

Predict. Plan. Price. 

IG&H Quantivate is an integrated retail solution that includes forecasting, replenishment and pricing. With of state-of-the-art data science capabilities, IG&H Quantivate helps you to fully optimize your operational and commercial execution. Get a holistic perspective on your demand planning: Predict, Plan and price – all in one solution suite. 

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IGH Quantivate Predict Plan Price

A holistic, smarter approach to retail 

The world of retail is more interconnected than ever before. Whether it’s longer supply chains or personalized pricing, achieving an overview is key. This is where integrated solutions save retailers time, providing focus and decision support. 


With state-of-the-art data science capabilities, IG&H Quantivate integrates forecasting, replenishment and pricing to fully optimize your operational and commercial execution. Get to know the modules: 

predict module of IGH quantivate

Predict regular, seasonal and promotional customer demand with the demand forecaster. 

Planning module of IGH Quantivate

Optimize availability and stock levels in your stores and distribution centers using the replenisher. 

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Pricing module of IGH Quantivate

Configure your pricing strategies, compare and analyze scenarios, and correct outliers.

Get ahead of the curve with IG&H Quantivate

Integrated Planning & Pricing ↓

Choose from forecast-based pricing, stock-based strategies and price-elasticity-based forecasting.

Access to the latest algorithms ↓

Rule-based, ML and AI algorithms are updated regularly. Benefit from state-of-the-art price scraping technology.

Lower costs and higher margins ↓

Convenient pricing per SaaS module and limited implementation costs. 

Flexible, scalable, expandable ↓

Integration with other solutions is possible. Enjoy quick and smart customization. 

Easy to use,
easy to implement ↓

IG&H Quantivate only requires a data feed. Average setup time is one month

IG&H Quantivate delivers immediate business value



lower end stock costs

Less material handling


End stock reduction

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