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Industrial & Logistics 

Your partner for superior
performance in Industrial
and Logistics 

How do you stay relevant for your clients, streamline your operations for efficiency, and deliver healthy results for all your stakeholders? The sphere of Industrial and Logistics spans a vast set of businesses. Although each company and subsector has its unique sets of needs, there is a remarkable amount of similarities in the underlying challenges faced, along with the tools required to address them effectively.  


Our Service Offerings:  

Top performance that benefits the bottom line 

By combining strategy consulting, cutting-edge data science and technology, we help you to stay relevant and get ahead of the competition. Grow top line revenue, reduce costs and innovate for future relevance and growth.


Streamlining for efficiency
Leverage the power of low-code platforms and data to achieve unprecedented efficiency levels throughout your organization
Commercial Excellence  
Enable your account managers and commercial staff to realize top line growth with our smart pricing algorithms, tooling and way of working 
Digital Supply Chain  
Redefine the traditional trade-off between availability, service, inventory and logistics cost by taking a digital approach to your supply chain
Innovation Lab  
Speed up and drive innovation by setting up a dedicated innovation environment within your company - managed effectively using our proven Innovation Lab approach  

Common questions in the Industrial and Logistics segment include: 

How can you leverage data to “get it right” when it comes to key levers such as pricing, operational efficiency, asset utilization and many more?    

How can low-code technology help to transform your IT into an enabler for business innovation, rather than a constraint?    

How do you redefine your organizational set-up and way of working to enable all your employees to achieve their full potential and help your company become a digital leader?

Relevant client cases: