Retail is going through an unprecedented revolution. Demand is changing, consumers are better informed than ever and expectations have risen accordingly. Everything needs to be fast, fresh, convenient and sustainable at the same time, with a personal touch. Retailers must reset the base and innovate swiftly. Fuelled by technology as key enabler and data as the winning asset. We support clients on their digital transformation towards creating and delivering superior customer propositions. Read more about our propositions below:


Demand: Re-engage the consumer

Nowadays, consumers have to be served across many channels, formats and (new) platforms – in a differentiated way. This makes your commercial effectiveness challenging. The right setup needs to be combined with a pragmatic, data-driven approach for everyday decision-making. We have built the toolbox to support you towards commercial success.

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Supply: Re-platform operations

Managing supply chains has never been more complex. It is all about delicately balancing costs, capacity, availability, speed and quality. We combine 30 years of retail expertise with the latest innovations in data science and technology to help re-design your supply chain, from warehouse set up to last mile delivery.


Digital transformation – make your strategy work!

Want to stay relevant? You need the right data and flexible technology. We offer both, combined with deep sector insidership. We build analytical tools to unlock superior data-driven performance (e.g. pricing, forecasting, space management, waste, etc.) and we deploy technology for fast development of new solutions, in an agile way.

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"IG&H is a very pragmatic, output-oriented consulting firm with a strong data science capability"

CEO of an international e-commerce player

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