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Your partner in insurance innovation 

Create a distinctive business model, implement the right technology infrastructure and harness the power of analytics, supplemented by our proprietary data on the Dutch market.  


Create business strategies

In need to focus your business model and create a distinctive edge? Our extensive experience and proprietary market data on the Dutch insurance industry enable us to create the edge you are looking for.

Organizing Data

How can you achieve lasting customer success in the rapidly changing world of insurance? 

Remaining relevant is a matter of distinguishing yourself from competitors and ensuring your organization and operations embrace cutting-edge technology. We are true sector insiders but always look at the insurance industry from a fresh perspective. Our clients represent 80% of the sector with an NPS of 52+ and regard us as committed, competent, pragmatic and a pleasure to work with. Explore our propositions below. 

Business Meeting


Replatform operations
& tech

Unsure about how to realize your strategy or cope with rapid developments in technology? Our team knows how to design your organization, operations and technology infrastructure. We will not dictate the answer, but co-create with your organization.


Harvest data value

Want to implement drastic improvements? Our analytics capabilities are leading. We have proprietary data on the Dutch market and mature capabilities in new techniques like machine learning and artificial intelligence. The result: fact-based improvements.


“A thorough analysis that aligns bottom-up input and middle management buy-in with top-down alignment to our strategy. IG&H really did a good job helping us in this transition, it is our preferred partner for these kind of subjects”

Let us help you stay relevant

Stay ahead of your competitors by transforming your business. We have more than 35 years experience in helping organizations in the insurance sector. Let’s arrange a meeting to discuss how we can help.