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About us

Market Leaders in Digital Transformation 

We make your strategy work. 

About IG&H 

IG&H a leading consulting firm that takes responsibility for the results of its work. With focus on digital transformations, we use our own proven ‘Make Strategy Work’ methodology for successful execution.   

What can we do for you? 

We typically help with complex questions and innovation matters.  Our sector-specific software solutions help you achieve results faster. Together with our clients, we co-create a sustainable impact on society. This means we only accept projects that positively affect the lives of people. 

Watch the IG&H intro video:

“We developed ANWB Reisopmaat with a technology-driven approach, treating it as a start-up within our organization. That required a different approach than we were used to. As a partner, IG&H helped us with this approach, from strategy through digital transformation to realization. They guided us through an innovative way of working in which new business models, technology as an accelerator and data science 'to get it right’ were central.” 


Gert-Jan Bressers | Director of round trips ANWB Reizen 

What can you expect from collaboration with IG&H? 

Standing shoulder to shoulder, we are an extension of your team. IG&H brings an entrepreneurial and pragmatic mindset to the table. We combine multi-disciplinary teams, so you get the best out of strategy consulting, data and technology capabilities.  

“There are three reasons why we are very satisfied with the IG&H collaboration: the professionality of the people, the collegiality throughout the collaboration and the fact that our partnership goes beyond a temporary commercial deal.” 


Paul Braams | CEO Pensioenfonds Horeca & Catering 

igh make strategy work

Make Strategy Work

Our proven “Make Strategy Work” methodology enables us to turn strategies into actionable programs that deliver value fast. Together with you, we focus on content, process and people. 

  • Content – it's right.
    A structured, logical and fact-based result. 

  • Process – it works.
    A controlled, predictable and smooth process.

  • People – it lands.
    Attention to energy and support by all stakeholders.


A critical aspect of time-to value is the technology implementation. We use world -class technology partners to securely develop and iterate software.

Outsystem Logo, IG&H Technology Partner
OutSystems – Leader in application development

OutSystems enables the development, deployment and management of enterprise-class web and mobile systems that allow for incremental modernisation of legacy systems to drive innovation.


IG&H is recognized as OutSystems Partner of the Year.

Microsoft logo, IG&H Technology Partner
Microsoft – Global leader in IT Solutions

Microsoft, a global leader in IT Solutions, addresses the day-to-day operational needs of every organisation. Their solutions cover everything from Cloud, Office 365, BI and CRM to applicational development and maintenance.

Mavim Logo, IG&H Technology Partner
Mavim – Leading end-to-end business process intelligence and transformation platform

Mavim establishes a dynamic, process-centric Digital Twin of your organisation. Powered by the Microsoft product suite and Azure, it provides a collaborative solution for mining your data, enabling you to visualise and redesign your business processes to transform and improve your organisation.

Novulo Logo, IGH Technology Partner
Novulo – the founder of composable low-code.
This fundamentally different approach to software delivery offers organizations the foundation to innovate continuously and modernize strategic applications. The strength lies in the combination of reusable best-of-breed solutions with fast software development on one platform. As a result, all business processes are integrated in one application and data flows through every process without any problems. With reusability and maintainability as philosophy and a platform architecture offering endless but architected flexibility, the Novulo platform provides organizations with a software architecture to improve their business, enabling them to quickly adapt to changing circumstances.

"IG&H pulled it off. They brought together the right mixture of people, knowledge and technology to build the system that is the main tool to support the distribution of COVID patients. [...] this tool is still used by every hospital and Dutch Acute Care Region (ROAZ in Dutch)." 


Dutch National Coordination Centre for Patient Distribution (LCPS) 

IG&H at a glance:



35+ years

sector expertise

98 clients

out of 100 are satisfied

4 partners

in the technology industry

6 locations

Utrecht, Lisbon, Porto, Coimbra, Évora, Viseu

Ready to realize your digital transformation? 

IG&H will make your strategy work. We are excited and equipped to help you innovate. Get in touch with us to explore how we can help.

Market leaders

in Digital Transformation

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