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About us

Your digital transformation,

delivered – from end to end

IG&H drives business transformations through alignment of people, business and technology and is committed to make a sustainable impact on the society.

Experts in 5 sectors since 1988

We are a market leader in complex end-to-end digital transformation across five industries:

A history of successful transformations

Headquartered in Utrecht, the Netherlands, IG&H was founded in 1988 by Jan van Hasenbroek and Kees van der Geer. Always looking to the future, Jan and Kees saw early on that the internet and digitalization would have a profound impact on how their clients did business.


Today, data science, business engineering, technology implementation and best practices for digital transformation are all integral parts of IG&H’s service offering. As a result, we are now a market leader in complex end-to-end digital transformation across 5 industries:

Retail, Healthcare, Banking, Insurance and Pensions.

Deep industry focus and our unique “Make Strategy Work” methodology have enabled IG&H to help hundreds of companies transform through innovation.

IG&H at a glance



35 years

sector expertise

98 clients

out of 100 are satisfied

3 partners

in the technology industry

7 locations

Utrecht, Lisbon, Porto, Coimbra, Évora, Viseu, Munich

Everything under one roof

IG&H is one of the only service providers that combines strategy consulting and transformation skills with technology development and implementation.


This allows us to deliver an end-to-end service that only stops at success. Of course, we continue to maintain many clients’ systems indefinitely.

Make Strategy Work

Our proven “Make Strategy Work” methodology enables us to turn strategies into actionable programs that deliver value fast.

  • Content – We ensure it’s right.
    A structured, logical and fact based result.

  • Process – We ensure it works.
    A controlled, predictable and smooth process.

  • People – We ensure it lands.
    Attention to energy and support by all stakeholders.



A critical aspect of time-to value is the technology implementation. We use world -class technology partners to securely develop and iterate software.

About us - Outsystems Partner
OutSystems – Leader in application development

OutSystems enables the development, deployment and management of enterprise-class web and mobile systems that allow for incremental modernisation of legacy systems to drive innovation.


IG&H is recognized as OutSystems Partner of the Year.

About us - Microsoft Partner
Microsoft – Global leader in IT Solutions

Microsoft, a global leader in IT Solutions, addresses the day-to-day operational needs of every organisation. Their solutions cover everything from Cloud, Office 365, BI and CRM to applicational development and maintenance.

Mavim – Leading end-to-end business process intelligence and transformation platform

Mavim establishes a dynamic, process-centric Digital Twin of your organisation. Powered by the Microsoft product suite and Azure, it provides a collaborative solution for mining your data, enabling you to visualise and redesign your business processes to transform and improve your organisation.


A culture of innovation

IG&H puts a premium on hiring the best and brightest from a diverse talent pool and giving them the freedom and security to innovate. We never do things because it’s “how we’ve always done them”— we cultivate the energy of new ideas. We believe keeping an entrepreneurial mindset is a prerequisite to innovation.


While we are 100% focused on your success, maintaining a culture of innovation has another, larger purpose as well. Through all of our innovations, big and small, we hope to ultimately have a sustainable impact on society by enabling our clients to improve the everyday lives of their customers.


Culture & Careers

A good culture drives positive organizational outcomes. IG&H has a strong culture that earns us the Great Place to Work Certification™ every year. Discover more about our core values, our culture and job openings.

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Stay ahead of your competitors by transforming your business. We have more than 35 years experience in helping clients innovate, deliver superior experiences and execute on their strategies. Curious how we can help?

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