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IG&H Solutions

By combining our deep sector knowledge with best-in-class technology, IG&H has crafted various tailor-made solutions for specific sectors. In doing so, we began noticing commonalities. As market leaders in digital transformation, we see that many businesses are facing the same challenges, sometimes even across industries! We combined the best practices to address these common needs, creating future-proof solutions for you.  

IGH building solutions
IG&H AllVida
The smart admin leader

IG&H AllVida is an admin system designed for life insurers, health insurers and pension providers. In light of the new Dutch pension agreement, this admin system is available in a pre-configured version for the Dutch pension sector. This version provides you with a core administration system and a product configurator for multi-client context as well as a product and service catalogue with standard configuration. Compliant by design and cloud-based, IG&H AllVida is both robust and flexible.

IGH Quantivate desktop
IG&H Quantivate
The one-stop shop for supply-chain professionals

IG&H Quantivate is an intelligent decision-support tool that offers you ​AI and Machine Learning algorithms, ​which help you recognize complex patterns and product relationships. Quantivate includes three apps: a demand forecaster, DC replenisher and store replenisher. The IG&H Quantivate retail suite offers you interlinked modules with advanced technology such as AI and machine learning algorithms. The result: better availability with lower working capital.

Future-proof your business with sector-specific software

Why IG&H Solutions? 

Based on decades of industry expertise 
Enterprise ready 
Guaranteed added value to the business
24/7 Hosting help desk

Solutions for your sector

Based on our deep sector expertise, we built solutions that maximize impact for your business. We provide you with seamless integration with all kinds of legacy systems and hold the appropriate compliance certifications. Our software development, support and maintenance are held up to the high standards that earned us industry leading NPS scores. Would you like to know more?

Wim Groenen
Head of Solutions
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Wim Groenen, head of solutions IGH
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