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The DigiKompetenz Podcast on Healthcare Digitalization: with IG&H

The DigiKompetenz podcast offers inspiration around digital skills development, future skills and the transformation of our world in the areas of technology, sustainability and society. It is hosted by Anne Koark and Dr. Philipp Ramin. IG&H had the chance to speak on digitalization in healthcare, diving into Germany and the Netherlands.

IG&H's Dr. Patrick Heiler and Bas Leerink cover the following topics:

  • Digital transformation in healthcare

  • Different approaches of Germany and the Netherlands to digitalization in the healthcare sector

  • The importance of collaboration

  • The role of artificial intelligence in healthcare

  • The training and development of digital skills to master the digital challenge

The Digital Transformation of Healthcare

We are proud to be featured in the first-ever linguistic hybrid edition, German and English.

You can listen to episode 137 "Gesundheit im Wandel Die digitale Transformation des Gesundheitswesens in Deutschland und den Niederlanden" using these links:

Bas Leerink on AI opportunities in healthcare
Dr. Patrick Heiler and Bas Leerink are guest speakers


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