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Your partner in data-driven fashion

When fast fashion meets slow processes, a lot more than last season's collection goes to waste. How can you use a data-driven approach to delight consumers and run a smarter race? With the power of data science, you can achieve a more sustainable way of doing business as well as increase your profitability. Create better, demand-driven collections that truly speak to your consumers. Optimize margins with dynamic pricing and experience fewer markdowns. Harness the power of AI-based forecasting and replenishment which lead to less overstock. Become a fashion frontrunner with a data-driven way of working. 

data-driven fashion

Our service offerings

Build a sticky ecosystem with
the power of data science 

Delight existing customers, attract

new ones and increase margins

with the power of data.

Reduce the strain
on your supply chain

Don't overlook the first section,

optimize the entire end-to-end

fashion supply chain.

Forecasting finesse
for commercial success

Tackle product-specific lifecycles, seasonality and more. Create an optimal assortment, increase full-price sell-through and avoid overdevelopment. 

Speed up,
but do so sustainably

Shorten time to market, increase consolidation of materials while decreasing burn rate,

over production and minimizing waste.

Omnichannel 2.0
for processes & technology 

A comprehensive omnichannel strategy

that involves the customer, all departments and stakeholders in the company.

Ready for profitable data-driven fashion? 

With over 35 years of retail experience, we understand the fashion industry's complexity sets it apart. You can rely on IG&H as a sector insider that has all the necessary capabilities for a smart, data-driven way of working. Our select technology partners and in-house developers allow us to build bespoke and off-the-shelf solutions for you. Are you ready for data to benefit both your business and consumers? We bring all necessary capabilities together and ensure your new strategy lands with your organization, fast-tracking your fashion transformation. 

Kristel Lanjouw
Director Fashion
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Kris Lanjouw Director Fashion at IGH
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