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IG&H and the ESG framework

Corporate social responsibility

IG&H and the ESG framework

Environmental, Social and Governance 

Environmental, Social and Governance illustration

As people, as colleagues and as a business we understand that we are not alone on the playing field. Our responsibility extends beyond our bubble. That’s why we are on a purpose-driven and action-oriented mission to make a positive impact. The ESG framework provides us with conscious focus and acts as an overarching framework. It not only helps us to categorize and measure but also enables us to select areas or initiatives where we can make a positive difference. The United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) guide our objectives by aligning with specific goals.

To evaluate our ESG initiatives, we were assessed by EcoVadis. The EcoVadis sustainability assessment is the world’s largest and most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings. IG&H recently had its first assessment, scoring 58 out of 100.


Although this was only our first assessment and a long road of improvement lies ahead, we are excited to share that we are in the top 25% of companies rated by EcoVadis in the computer programming and consultancy industry. IG&H was awarded a Silver medal certificate.

Ecovadis sustainability rating 2022
Vegetarian office lunch


SDG #12 ​: Responsible consumption & production​ 

We strive for sustainable consumption patterns to ensure welfare in everyday life.​ This aligns with the global challenge of over/poor consumption. Even though we are a service company, we still have a footprint. We want to set a good example for our clients too. Our current initiatives for more responsible consumption and production:  

  • Waste separation ​

Beehyves around the office producing local honey
SDG #13 : Climate action​ 

We feel responsible for the welfare of our future generation which requires us to take climate action. Our current initiatives to take climate action:


  • The IG&H forest in Portugal 

  • Beekeeping & apple trees in the Netherlands 

  • Solar panels on the office buildings 

  • Our electric car policy

  • IG&H's biophilic office building

  • Tree planting initiative in January 2022


SDG #3 ​: Good health & well-being 

A good company is built by good people; we hire these people and then put them first. As a certified Great Place To Work, we understand that healthy employees can do their best, giving back to society while taking care of themselves. Our current initiatives to promote good health and well-being:


  • Stay fit/healthy 

  • Impact Matters 

  • Our Health practice 

  • Monthly activity 


  • Impact Day

  • IG&H gym and fitness

  • External training sessions (e.g. to students from organizations such as the Giving Back foundation) 

Good health and staying fit
SDG #10 ​: Reduced inequalities 

We believe that a diverse team makes for better and smarter collaboration. We also have a social obligation to level the playing field and provide employment in an inclusive way. Diversity enables us to be outstanding.​ Our current initiatives to reduce inequalities: 

  • Recruitment action 

  • Training program 

  • ProudMom program

  • The Empowerment Network (TEN) 

  • Content such as emails and videos published by the IDEA (Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity and Awareness) team 

Reduced inequalities


One of our IG&H values is Caring & Daring, which extends to our leadership style. We shape secure base leaders that are both sources of comfort and inspiration - encouraging us to take risks and get out of our comfort zone because we know there is a safetynet that supports us.

Catering to industries that often deal with sensitive information, we are ISO 27001 and 27701 certified to manage information security.


Always re-evaluating and learning, we value transparency and are working on making our ESG progress available to the public.


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The ESG framework is not about being perfect. Instead, it provides guidance for those who want to become better. As strategy consultants, we specialize in digital transformation. We know how to identify a path and commit to it, bringing your people along with you.

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