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Digital innovation that serves you

We combine deep sector expertise, data analytics and the best-in-class tech to deliver value fast while reducing the risks for your organization.

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Would you like to know IG&H’s digital services in more detail? 

Your business and technology should be functioning in harmony, propelling one another forward. Unfortunately, maintenance is a draining force that prevents IT from reaching its full potential.


IG&H helps you take your IT capacities from simply ‘keeping the lights on’ to more brilliant ideas, or ‘light-bulb moments’.


We make sure technology effectively caters to your individual needs, whether it’s building an app or multi-annual transformations. Get ahead with your business by turning your IT into fuel for innovation.

Low-code development delivers value fast

Low-code technology is essentially pre-built software elements. Because these pre-built blocks are ready to go, you don’t need to build everything from scratch. Being able to easily evolve software also keeps business innovation options open because change is more feasible. By shifting elements of your IT landscape to low-code, you gain the following benefits: fast time to market, cost-efficiency and agility.

Low-code development
Digital twin technology

Digital twin technology to
de-risk your journey

A digital twin is a duplicate of your technology, which runs in a simulation environment. This replica reduces risks for your solution in the real-world because it allows for predictive maintenance, faster risk assessment and real-time remote monitoring, just to name a few.

IGH digital services

Business Engineering



Digital Experience


IG&H digital services at a glance

Business Engineering translates your needs into business designs and user stories for our developers. Working in multidisciplinary teams, our software developers in Platform Delivery implement your specific IT requirements. Now that your custom technology is ready, it needs to be hosted and available for a sustained digital transformation with the help of Platform Operations. Digital Experience zooms in on the user and the appeal, focusing on the front end. The Transformation team ensures your digital transformation is sustainable, with your employees contributing to its success every day.

Colleagues collaborating

Our digital services accelerate your end-to-end transformation

Bringing you digital excellence across the board, we have all the necessary in-house capacities to design, build and run technology solutions for you. We provide guidance and project management, working closely with our certified technology experts to deliver you tailored solutions at high speed. 

How can we help you?

Stay ahead of your competitors by transforming your business. We have more than 35 years experience in helping clients innovate, deliver superior experiences and execute on their strategies. Let’s arrange a meeting to discuss how we can help.

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