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Enabling a strategic assortment renewal at a Dutch non-food retailer

What we did We designed a clear, complete organizational structure, including clear descriptions of jobs and responsibilities based on best practices in the market. Furthermore, we provided the design and implementation of end-to-end processes in close cooperation with middle management. In doing so, we focused on having constant insight into progress to enable monitoring and management. Quick wins were implemented right away. For example, we held daily stand-up meetings for operational control. We also realized simplification by introducing event classification, among other things.

What we achieved Together, we have established a future-proof buyer-planner organization offering better grip on category management: the non-food retailer can react to the market proactively and has more control of closing stocks, revenue, and margins. In addition, first-time-right processes regarding the planning of store and shelf layout have led to an effective management of the flow of goods, resulting in a 95% product availability. We have also realized an end-to-end assortment renewal process. The result: a controlled assortment renewal of 30% in 2017, up to even 50% in 2018. Moreover, we have improved the quality of article data entry: the margin of error dropped from 60% to less than 10%.

What they said

“Thanks to IG&H, we have re-obtained grip on and control of key commercial and supply chain processes. This is crucial for achieving our revenue, margin, and stock-level targets.”


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