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RELEX Solutions and IG&H partner to deliver retail supply chain transformations in Benelux and beyond

The collaboration will blend the unique expertise of both companies, adopting a cohesive strategy to support clients’ supply chain and retail transformations


Utrecht, the Netherlands - April 25, 2024 – IG&H announces strategic partnership with RELEX Solutions, a provider of unified supply chain and retail planning solutions.

Consumer behaviors and expectations are undergoing fundamental shifts. Consumers demand fast, fresh and convenient services, thus raising service level requirements. Meanwhile, established supply chain setups face increasing challenges due to their volatility, length, complexity and often rigid nature. To meet these changing demands and manage operational complexity, advanced technology and data solutions are indispensable, marking the end of inefficient spreadsheets and the rise of dedicated software for a competitive edge in the market.

logos of IG&H and RELEX Solutions

The RELEX platform aligns and optimizes demand, merchandising, supply chain, operations and production planning. They help retailers and consumer goods companies to drive profitable growth across all sales and distribution channels, leading to higher product availability, increased sales, and improved sustainability. RELEX's vision is to increase resilience and efficiency in the consumer goods value chain. The partnership with IG&H includes the entire suite of RELEX solutions.

The partnership aims to deliver holistic solutions and consulting expertise. It will address the challenges retail companies face by combining IG&H’s sector knowledge and experience in retail transformations with RELEX’s retail expertise and advanced AI-powered retail planning solutions. Covering the entire value chain, this partnership is set to provide clients with the tools they need to become more digital and advance in how they serve their customers and manage their end-to-end operations.

Together, RELEX and IG&H will help retailers to navigate a dynamic market environment, both from an operational and commercial perspective. The challenges that will be tackled are focused on creating end-to-end supply chain visibility, increasing supply chain control, enhancing demand forecasting and effectively executing the most fundamental planning processes. In extension, other typical retail challenges include optimizing assortments, streamlining store operations and getting the most value out of promotions.

“We are thrilled to partner with RELEX Solutions to enhance our ability to drive improved retail and supply chain performance and bring about a new era of retail execution,” says Maarten Vaessen, Managing Director Retail IG&H. “Our combined expertise and innovative technologies will empower clients to navigate complex challenges, optimize their operations and achieve sustainable growth.”


“At RELEX, prioritizing the enhancement of our customers’ experience, addressing industry challenges and identifying new market opportunities to boost their profitability is paramount,” explains Bas van Lith, Sales Director, Benelux, RELEX Solutions. “Our partnership with IG&H underscores our commitment to helping our customers drive efficiency, realize tangible benefits quickly and support their overall retail and supply chain planning strategies holistically.” 


RELEX Solutions provides a unified supply chain and retail planning platform that aligns and optimizes demand, merchandising, supply chain, operations, and production planning across the end-to-end value chain. We help retailers and consumer goods companies like ADUSA, AutoZone, Coles, Dollar Tree and Family Dollar, M&S Food, PetSmart, and The Home Depot drive profitable growth across all sales and distribution channels, leading to higher product availability, increased sales, and improved sustainability. Learn more at:

About IG&H

IG&H is an industry insider with more than 35 years of supply chain experience. We ensure the digitization of your supply chain lands within your organization, moving towards increased visibility, agility and E2E supply chain control. IG&H helps its clients to innovate and achieve results faster in the retail, financial services and healthcare sectors. In return, clients rate IG&H with industry-leading NPS scores. With more than 600 professionals in Europe, IG&H is certified as a Great Place To Work and is committed to making a sustainable impact on society through its projects. Read more on: 

Please contact us to find out how we can help your retail organization to plan better, sell more and waste less.

Jasper van Rijn

Managing Director Retail

IG&H Consulting

Bas van Lith

Sales Director Benelux

RELEX Solutions



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