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SDG#13 Tree planting initiative near Utrecht

What better way to start the new year than by planting seeds of change? In this case, we chose trees of change. On January 28, 2022, a group of IG&H colleagues rolled up their sleeves and helped our partner Life Terra to plant trees. This relates to the UN's Sustainable Development Goal number 13, which revolves around climate action and mitigating the effects of climate change.

Life Terra is founded on the knowledge that tree planting is regarded as the most cost-effective, nature-based solution to capture carbon. The foundation is on a mission to plant 500 million trees in five years. This was a fantastic opportunity for us at IG&H to see how this project works.

IGH tree planting initiative

After already having planted multiple trees on an estate in Portugal we now had the chance to contribute and help Life Terra ourselves by planting trees on an estate near Utrecht (Landgoed Eykestein). The cylinders you see in the picture help protect the trees, mainly from animals but also from rough weather conditions.

A lovely afternoon in the sun resulted in about 300 trees being planted. First, we planted a diverse mix of special trees - this combination is effective for land restoration and greater ecosystem resilience. After planting the trees, monitoring was set up to ensure the climate & environmental benefits are tracked. If you want to read more on this project which we support, you can check Life Terra's Let's plant together initiative. This environmental initiative was part of our Environmental Social Governance framework here at IG&H.

IGH tree planting initiative


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