What they wanted
A leading insurer has been a frontrunner in the group pension scheme market for years. The organization aims to provide distinctive products and services to customers, employers, and employees. To (continue to) achieve this objective, A leading insurer set itself a challenge: adjust in terms of innovation before the competition does.

What we did
Unlike the IT department, the expertise center had not yet adopted Scrum in its teams. With our help, it switched to an Agile way of working. We combined Scrum and Kanban methods, proactively involving employees in the application of Agile techniques. To ensure that they would adopt the Agile mindset, we coached them intensively.

What we achieved
A leading insurer was proclaimed to be the best pension insurer by intermediaries for the sixth time in a row. Our contribution: substantive sector knowledge and expertise in organization transformation. This resulted in the implementation of distinctive product features and the realization of an Agile DC chain.

What they said
“Despite the increased demands from legislation, supervisors, and customers, we have always managed to maintain our number one position. Part of our ability to realize this has been a constant adjustment of the manner in which we collaborate, involving our customers in the process. Switching to an Agile way of working was a logical next step for us. It provides even more clarity, speed, and – especially – job satisfaction. Our experience with IG&H has been excellent. Its pragmatic, results-oriented approach, which does not avoid responsibility, is striking.”


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