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Employee satisfaction and NPS increased within 10 weeks

The IG&H ‘IMPULS’ approach has enhanced employees’ ownership and mutual collaboration. As a result, both the service provision and the working atmosphere have improved strongly in a short period of time. This development has continued autonomously after the initial 10 weeks, thus laying the foundation for a continuous improvement culture at Loyalis. The balance between the ‘Hard’ and ‘Heart’ building blocks of the IG&H ‘IMPULS’ approach distinguishes ‘IMPULS’ from other methodologies.

Challenge Loyalis aimed to realize higher customer satisfaction (NPS). Analysis showed that internal collaboration and customer service needed to be improved to achieve this goal. Service provision to employers posed a challenge: substantial improvements had to be made in all areas. Their stalled execution resulted from the limited preliminary translation of the organizational strategy, which was due to a lack of ownership at several levels and due to insufficient operational control.

Solution A successful transformation of the internal organization has been a crucial part of the solution. The ‘IMPULS’ method, used by and characteristic to IG&H, is based on the aforementioned ‘Hard’ and ‘Heart’ building blocks. Through our ‘Hard approach,’ we stated perspicuous overall objectives, set clear KPIs in collaboration with Loyalis, and provided a methodology that clarifies performances. The ‘Heart approach’ has allowed Loyalis to measure behavior that supports performance, encourage desired behavior, and discourage undesired behavior. As a result, the internal organization is back on track.

Way of working The bottom-up approach used by IG&H has immediately resulted in better performances – by allowing employees to take more ownership and by contributing positive energy and inspiration, but also through better collaboration and a focus on customer service. The performance dialogue has become key to continuous improvement at Loyalis. Teams are now learning to analyze and solve challenges in an 8- to 10-week time period, in addition to acquiring and encouraging feedback (skills).

“Extremely professional and results-oriented. I am a warm and active supporter of IG&H’s working methodology.” Mario Bakker, Marketing & Sales Manager, Loyalis

Footprint In ten weeks, an initial IMPULS wave was performed within Loyalis. Employees were provided with assistance and guidance to enter into a performance dialogue by collaborating in a different way based on sharp objectives. After these ten weeks, measurements have shown a strong increase in both customer satisfaction (NPS) and employee satisfaction (ENPS).


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