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Customer focus in the Dutch mortgage market | A roadmap for lenders and advisers

Customer focus in the Dutch mortgage market

Different tensions in a special, but lagging market

Mortgage companies are struggling to keep up both with the rapid pace that innovation requires and the vast amount of changes they want to implement. We investigated which improvements would make a difference for consumers, and what it takes to make these a reality. Simply continuing with the status quo and trying to do things 'just a little bit better' will not be enough.

One of the biggest problems we have in the Netherlands today is the problem of the housing market. Prices have skyrocketed due to a shortage of housing and relatively cheap financing. Current homeowners can find it difficult to move on while first-time buyers have a hard time finding a suitable and affordable home.

Poor customer experience due to outdated services of lenders and advisers

The problems in the housing market are reflected in the mortgage market. Providers and advisers are finding it difficult to properly help consumers to obtain suitable financing for their home, partly because the number of mortgage applications is still high. In addition, mortgage lenders are experiencing pressure on profit margins due to the low interest rates and lenders and advisers are faced with increasing competition. Despite this, customer journeys are not sufficiently tailored to the consumer and have led to unsatisfactory experiences.

The combination of increased competition and falling interest margins means that in the long term there will not be a place for everyone in the mortgage market. Innovation is therefore a must to remain relevant and at the same time keep costs manageable.

The whitepaper at a glance:

  • Particularities of the three main target groups: first-time buyers, middle group and retirees

  • Become customer-oriented and understand your clients: personalize and simplify

  • An operating model to set you up for success: the four vital quadrants

  • Don’t fall behind in times of digital disruption: How to differentiate yourself as a customer-oriented mortgage organization

Anyone who studies the mortgage market will soon discover that consumers are quite willing to pay for improved services. This is not surprising; the Dutch mortgage market has been lagging behind other sectors in terms of innovation. When we delve into changes beyond national borders, we see several developments within the mortgage market that Dutch providers and advisers can learn from.

Do you want to know where the opportunities lie, and which of them suits you best? Join us as we move along a roadmap for mortgage innovation.


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