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IG&H expands healthcare services portfolio with Beter Healthcare

Utrecht, January 17, 2024 - IG&H, a leading independent consulting and technology company, announces the acquisition of Beter Healthcare, a healthcare ICT consulting firm. With this acquisition, IG&H strengthens its services in digital transformation in healthcare. 

Beter Healthcare is a fast-growing healthcare ICT service provider. With more than 100 professionals, Beter Healthcare supports a large number of healthcare organizations in the Netherlands in the realization of their digital strategy and implementation of healthcare applications.

Robert de Vries, CEO Beter Healthcare: "We see in IG&H a good strategic partner to tackle the necessary digital transformation in the Dutch healthcare sector. Because our services complement each other, together we can ensure that this transformation accelerates."

Joost van de Meent, CEO IG&H: "We are convinced that with the acquisition of Beter Healthcare, we will realize a further strengthening of our practice. We have had a strong consulting position in healthcare for years, and with Beter Healthcare we are adding further ICT sector expertise."

Beter Healthcare will not merge with IG&H, but will become a subsidiary of the consulting and technology company. The German sister company of Beter Healthcare is not covered by the acquisition and will continue to operate independently under the name Better Healthcare.

About IG&H

IG&H is a leading consulting and technology company specializing in retail, financial services and healthcare. IG&H has been active in the healthcare sector since 2005. Here, we realize complex transformations that keep healthcare patient-centered, affordable and accessible. IG&H combines sector knowledge with digital transformation and technology competencies. Among others, the company offers fast, flexible and cost-effective solutions with the deployment of low-code platforms. With more than 400 professionals in Europe, IG&H is recognized as a Great Place to Work. Read more at:

About Beter Healthcare

Beter Healthcare is a consultancy firm operating at the intersection of healthcare and ICT. We support the digitalization of processes and thus contribute to the future-proofing of healthcare organizations.

Since 2012 we support various organizations with consultancy, project management and management. For example, we assist healthcare organizations in developing a vision for future-proof care, work out the associated (digital) strategy and translate this into a concrete roadmap and project calendar. Our strength is that we both advise and successfully implement and manage solutions together with our clients. In this way we support organizations on a strategic, tactical and operational level. Read more at:


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