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IG&H Culture

Events, Fun and Friendship 

We work in consulting and tech... and we also know how to have a good time! 

We like spending time together outside of work as well, which is why there’s always something going on. You’ll find our colleagues jamming together in IG&H’s very own band - Hondius Revelation - or participating in field hockey tournaments, running (half) marathons, playing padel, football, cycling together, breaking a sweat at the gym or relaxing at our monthly drinks.  

Lots of activities going on right? But that’s not all… 

At IG&H we love a good party. Our yearly company events, FIT and Outlook, are ideal for celebrating successes and facilitating camaraderie. Both events offer content-oriented and social programs and revolve around a certain theme. Attending these events together strengthens relationships. The content-oriented program establishes a common language, while the evening program encourages employees to spend time with each other outside a business context, fostering friendships between them.   


The FIT event focuses on Fun, Inspiration and Training.  

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"Our goal is that people end up thinking, 'I can't believe they did this, but they still did it!' There need to be enough elements in the day that there's something that will stick to everyone. For instance, a person may come home to their partner or family and mention an interesting training… or that they went laser gaming. Something should have stood out to every single person. The party at the end is also pretty legendary."

Lisanne Swennenhuis | Manager Retail 


The Outlook is about reflection, celebrating successes and dwelling on the new year.  

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"During the Outlook, we get together to discuss and learn about the vision of the organization for the following year. We do this in a very interactive and fun way full of activities and amazing prizes. As we approach the end of year, IG&H also gifts every employee something cool!" 

Pedro Beltrão | Director Platform Delivery 

Hondius Revelation

Our very own band is an IG&H classic, combining talents across the board.
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"Hondius Revelation is our corporate band. The name is inspired by the address of our Dutch office, Hondiuslaan 102. Our mission is to unite all musicians of IG&H and have fun playing, rehearsing and performing together. From rock, soul and disco classics to contemporary music hits: Our songbook already consists of about 100 songs. We will play everything that will get everybody on the dance floor at our corporate events." 

Renaldo Haurissa | Senior Designer

Change is constant

Change comes in many shapes and sizes. At IG&H, you play an active role in it: whether it’s your growth, seeking out technological innovation, making an impact or building connections.

Ready for greatness? 

Building a Best Workplace is done by the whole organization and can only be achieved by putting people first. Haven’t found the vacancy you are looking for? We welcome open applications as well.

Ineke Mallant

Director People & Culture

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