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IG&H Culture

Recruitment process

Authenticity is key. We want to get to know you - and vice versa. 

Let's get to know each other 

We want to provide you with a pleasant candidate experience and a true sense of who we are. At IG&H, we also look at your personality and determine whether you are a cultural fit.  

We only select new employees who feel a connection to our organization and corporate identity. This doesn’t mean we’re looking for yes-men or flatterers, though. New employees should challenge us and contribute new ideas as well as refreshing perspectives. This way, they’ll keep us on our toes. 


What can you expect? 

A personal introduction. You meet potential co-workers and are introduced to the organization. This also allows people in the organization to get a complete picture of your personal skills and qualities. 
The selection procedure is carried out by our own employees, supported by our People & Culture Team. Candidates go through five steps that consist of tests, interviews, and case rounds. After you’ve completed a step, we quickly provide you with personal feedback. 

What are the main steps? 

Change is constant

Change comes in many shapes and sizes. At IG&H, you play an active role in it: whether it’s your growth, seeking out technological innovation, making an impact or building connections.

Ready for greatness? 

Building a Best Workplace is done by the whole organization and can only be achieved by putting people first. Haven’t found the vacancy you are looking for? We welcome open applications as well.

Ineke Mallant

Director People & Culture

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