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IG&H Quantivate pricing module 


Configure your pricing strategies, compare and analyze scenarios, and correct outliers.​ This smart pricing tool provides everything you need to set up pricing rules to apply a price strategy, dynamically implement the suggested prices and analyze the resulting impact on KPIs. 

IGH Quantivate Pricing Module

Dynamic pricing:

IGH Quantivate Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic Pricing

Failing to have the correct price comes at a cost. Dynamic pricing allows you to consider many more factors – whether it’s your competition or your stock levels. With a smart pricing tool, you impact the bottom line through increased margins and revenue​. You also reduce the likelihood of understock before the end of the season.

With state-of-the art price scraping technology, the IG&H Quantivate pricing module offers you various pricing strategies integrated in an easy-to-use solution. 

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Rethink your role in retail

We have over 35 years of experience in helping clients innovate, deliver superior experiences and execute on their strategies. Our knowledge and understanding of the retail sector allowed us to build sophisticated solutions for you, helping you cater to your customers with the help of data and technology. Would you like to know more about IG&H Quantivate?

Karèn Sarkisyan Account Executive Quantivate
Karèn Sarkisyan
Account Executive Quantivate
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