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IG&H Quantivate forecasting module 


Predict demand on day-SKU-location level, a year in advance. This module helps you predict regular, seasonal and promotional sales. The AI-driven demand forecasting module enables you to manage locations, events and predict demand.  

IGH Quantivate Predict

Optimized Forecasting:

IGH Quantivate Forecasting


Accurate forecasting is a challenge. Especially nowadays, longer supply chains, unexpected events and the interconnectedness of retail demand constant re-evaluation for somewhat accurate predictions. 

Artificial Intelligence supports retailers with more comprehensive forecasting. AI increases your forecasting accuracy by considering a vast number of factors such as historical sales, locations and events. Moreover, your forecasting becomes better over time as the system learns alongside you. 

Discover more Quantivate

IGH Quantivate Planning module

Optimize availability and stock levels in your stores and distribution centers using the replenisher. 

IGH Quantivate pricing module

Configure your pricing strategies, compare and analyze scenarios, and correct outliers.

Rethink your role in retail

We have over 35 years of experience in helping clients innovate, deliver superior experiences and execute on their strategies. Our knowledge and understanding of the retail sector allowed us to build sophisticated solutions for you, helping you cater to your customers with the help of data and technology. Would you like to know more about IG&H Quantivate?

Karèn Sarkisyan, account executive Quantivate
Karèn Sarkisyan
Account Executive Quantivate
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