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Use data to stay relevant within the mortgage domain

Data-driven parties put further pressure on the financial sector: it's time to become event-driven

The ever-increasing house prices and a large number of mortgage applications in the Netherlands are putting pressure on the financial sector. This rise in mortgage applications is primarily driven by

refinancing, where homeowners either remain in their home and take out a new mortgage or

increase their current mortgage. This development made the mortgage market attractive for

lenders over the past period, reflected in the number of mortgage lenders doubling to 40 over

the past seven years. In the Netherlands, this increase in competition is mainly due to the growing

number of traditional providers.

Abroad, however, we already see more and more parties doing something rigorously different. Mortgage lenders or advisers are redefining business as usual:

  • Besides data, an event-driven strategy is key

  • Our research shows that Dutch consumers do not feel their needs are sufficiently considered

  • The various target groups have different desires

We provide examples and describe how you can leverage data and event-driven strategies to become a truly customer-centric organization


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