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Pension Market Monitor | Changes and Chances

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In light of the new pension agreement, the various parties in the pension sector are preparing for the changes to come. We see further consolidation, but also growth and new players. To be able to anticipate changes, you first need a good understanding of the current market trends. The pension market monitor provides statistics, insights and an annual overview of 2021.

“ Last year we made history, but the future has already begun at the beginning of this century.”

Paul Geurtsen | Manager Pensions

At a glance:

  • A steep increase of total assets in Dutch households: Strong increase in 2nd and 4th pillar while the share of the 3rd pillar decreases

  • Pension fund liquidations continue

  • Commercial APFs continue to grow

  • Execution and outsourcing are in motion as small administrative organizations face pressure and new implementation organizations emerge and reorient themselves

  • The DC market continues its unabated growth over the past 12 years with 70,000 active participants per year. 20% of all active participants are now in a DC scheme

  • Further consolidation among providers in the free market: What were once 12 PPIs have now been merged into 7

  • Opportunities from the fund market for pension providers in the free market as a handful of magnet BPFs attract many liquidating funds

Are you ready to discover information and insights regarding the current pensions landscape?

Prefer to discuss things in more detail? You can contact

Paul Geurtsen

Manager Pensions

Nathan Burgers

Managing Director Pensions


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