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OutSystems and IG&H conclude a strategic partnership

Consultancy in digital transformation IG&H provides large organizations with advice and guidance on the implementation of their digital agenda in the execution of their strategy. From now on, we will use OutSystems’ Low-Code platform when it comes to technology. With OutSystems, we have a solution to replace existing legacy systems and develop additional functionalities with a short time to market. Upon a thorough market inventory – during which all known application development platforms were reviewed – we opted for OutSystems. Like our own office, OutSystems is located in the Utrecht-based Papendorp business park.

Mark Boerekamp, our Partner Digital Technology, explains why OutSystems was chosen as a partner: “OutSystems is the most advanced Low-Code platform of our time, and it is highly regarded by analysts. The platform perfectly matches the sector’s desire to realize technically high-quality solutions that meet the customer’s wishes and expectations faster. Therefore, we are confident that together with OutSystems, we can provide existing and new clients with even better guidance on their digital transformation.”

Low-Code application development With OutSystems’ Low-Code platform, the development of applications shifts from coding to modeling. Modeling provides visual insight into application development, allowing the business to contribute to the entire development and management cycle of business, mobile, and web applications. This increases the speed of application development and thus the speed of innovation.

Aernoudt Bottemanne, Alliance & Channel Director at OutSystems: “Companies have a growing need for tailor-made solutions to quickly seize market opportunities. This includes companies in the sectors that IG&H operates in: the financial sector, retail, and health care. IG&H is known to be a sector insider and is very good at boardroom advisory. Thanks to this consultancy firm’s sector-specific knowledge, we have gained a true knowledge partner through our partnership. As a result, we can make even better contributions to the innovative capacity of companies within these sectors.”

Want to realize technically high-quality solutions that meet your customer’s wishes and expectations? We are happy to explore the opportunities with you. Please contact us for more information.


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