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New trend? 3 reasons why you need a Chief Remote Officer

No warm welcome at the reception, no extensive lunch and no energetic high five with that one special colleague. Offices are abandoned. World’s largest home working experiment has begun. Suddenly, coerced by coronavirus pandemic, employees and management have to find their way in digital collaboration. But how do you make sure that working remotely does not come at the cost of productivity? A plea for a Chief Remote Officer.

We believe that the circumstances ask for a new role: a Chief Remote Officer. Like the CEO, COO or CFO, the Chief Remote Officer will be essential in creating the best possible outcome for the organization during these challenging times. We have identified at least three aspects to be part of the duties of your already indispensable colleague:

#1 The Chief Remote Officer fosters productivity World’s largest home working experiment offers an infinite amount of opportunities, but it can also be challenging. It is, of course, important to remain connected with your colleagues. But conference calls can be quite exhausting. Therefore, it may be difficult to provide enough room for everyone to share his or her opinion during this situation. How do you make sure that virtual meetings are as productive as possible? And how do you make sure that everyone, while discussing the content, stays on the same energy level? The Chief Remote Officer helps to foster productivity by introducing energizers and work methods to experiment with.

#2 The Chief Remote Officer connects colleagues It is important, especially now, to connect with the people around us, even if it is only digitally. Ask yourself the question: who do you send an invitation for a virtual coffee to ask how they really feel? In the Organization Transformation team, we find it important that successes are celebrated, and that productivity and motivation are being rewarded. Showing appreciation helps to remain connected. For example, surprise that one special colleague by sending a compliment card.

#3 The Chief Remote Officer strengthens employability Alongside fostering productivity and connecting colleagues, the Chief Remote Officer also explores how to strengthen employability within the organization. This ensures that employees can work from home in optimal conditions. As employer, you are responsible for a healthy workplace, whether employees work at the office or from home. The Chief Remote Officer gives advice on, for example, how to create an ergonomic home workplace. He or she also provides tips on how to stay physically, mentally and socially healthy during, and after, your workday. Above all, the Chief Remote Officer contributes to your happiness by making working from home more efficient and enjoyable.

The Chief Remote Officer is aware of how employees experience working from home and advises management on the matter, taking into account the human side as well. The Chief Remote Officer helps to strengthen connections among peers, but also between employees and supervisors.

Would you like to talk about working in a digital environment within your organization or use the momentum to get a head start? We are more than ready to help you explore new opportunities! On our website we will share more blogs, hand-outs and other materials related to efficiently working from home.


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