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Increasing a mortgage lender’s market share

What we can do Together with your employees, we will draw up hypotheses on obstacles and opportunities for growth. We will test these by conducting short experiments. Based on factual outcomes, we prioritize remedial actions, which we implement in various areas: visibility, sales funnel conversion, and a tightened local proposition.

What we will achieve First of all, a short time to market. Within four weeks, the first remedial actions will have been identified, tested live with customers, and implemented. In addition, you can count on more production: the mortgage market share will improve within three months. Moreover, we will realize a new way of working. An experiment-focused approach will become a standard part of your team’s way of working.

What you will say

we are finally able to grow our regional market share again.

“IG&H’s subject-matter expertise and experiment-focused approach have led to tangible results surprisingly quickly. We now have a more adequate picture of the way in which we can achieve customer loyalty. Because of this, we are finally able to grow our regional market share again. Moreover, short-cycle work has inspired my employees with enthusiasm, and they are applying it independently now.”


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