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Defining an actionable commercial strategy for a Dutch broker

What they wanted

Our client, a top-5 private equity backed insurance broker, had grown significantly over the past years, they were in need of a comprehensive strategy that defined where to play, what to offer and how to win.

What we did

We created a joint IG&H and customer team to develop an actionable strategy. First, we identified core products and customers based on a combination of our proprietary market data, and an in-depth portfolio profitability analysis. Second, sub-segments were identified to pin-point a winning offering. Third and last, next steps were identified. Long-term strategies and phasing for de-prioritized portfolios were created, and for core products & customers a prioritized backlog is created; including quick-wins and data and IT requirements.

What we achieved

In three months time an actionable strategy has been defined, that will set our customer apart from competition. Projected EBITDA is to nearly double in five years time, while holding proven additional upside through M&A based on our proprietary data. The delivery team is ready, the backlog is filled and requirements are defined; all set to execute.

What they said

“This is not just a report developed by a consultant, it feels like it really is our plan. I want to thank the IG&H professionals by helping us to structure the strategy and help to develop us actionable next steps.”


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