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Creating a fact-based distribution strategy and way of working for a Dutch insurer

What they wanted

Our client was a middle tier Dutch insurer. After divesting one of their portfolios, market growth from their non-divested portfolios was instrumental to the survival and independence of the insurer. The growth has to be obtained together with their main distribution channel; insurance brokers.

What we did

The insurer has a pool of approximately 3.000 intermediaries with varying levels of engagement. Together with our client, we created a common perspective on both external drivers and internal portfolio. Second, we segmented the relationships between insurer and broker and vice versa, using our unique portfolio information. Third, segmented brokers were involved to discuss their needs and determine required services, balancing both costs and benefits. Finally, a kick-start was given to use underlying data and the newly acquired segmentation to set up a performance dialogue, both internally and externally.

What we achieved

In three months' time a new way of thinking on distribution and engaging with brokers was introduced. It gave the commercial team control over their targets and introduced a new data-driven way of working that focusses efforts on brokers that matter the most, raising effectiveness.

What they said

“Thorough analysis, focused discussions, well organised and scheduled, keeping all stakeholders committed and delivered within the agreed upon timelines and scope.”


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