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Bringing master data management capability and awareness to the next level

Dutch food service and food retail company with revenues of  €2.7 billion (around 23% market share in the Netherlands) with an ambitious international and online growth strategy.


To implement master data management as an enabler and key value driver for business

  1. New online platform: close gap between the need for product data and data availability

  2. Overcome data quality issues and create end-to-end control processes

  3. Make ‘value of data’ a relevant topic in the commercial business lines and programmes


To create a breakthrough by building a solid foundation for data processes and increasing awareness of  ‘data value’ in the business lines

  1. Design and implement processes to ensure product data availability and quality for the online platform

  2. Implement a data governance structure across the business lines (roles & responsibilities)

  3. Push cultural change regarding importance and value of product data in Marketing and Procurement, and in other areas

Way of working:

  1. Two-phase approach: building the foundation and business ownership, while delivering short-term impact at the same time

  2. Programme set-up around four ‘must-win battles’ with high client involvement (~50 fte involved)

  3. Encouraging business with a hands-on, supportive approach, creating a good, constructive atmosphere

  4. Agile approach for delivering ICT foundation, focusing on prioritized deliverables in sprints; along with the realization of quick wins (process improvements)


  1. Data processes live and product data 100% ready for online platform (with revenues of around €1 billion)

  2. Four key processes redesigned and implemented; yielding a uniform way of working

  3. Reports and reporting governance: using both operational- and data quality KPIs to steer operations

  4. Clear cultural change towards ‘data is relevant for us all’

Client’s comments: 

  1. “IG&H added structure in the approach and hence increased throughput significantly”

  2. “IG&H contributed significantly to the cultural change and necessary attitude towards using data and data quality”


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