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Best Workplaces 2018: first-time participant IG&H ranks 5th!

IG&H ranked 5th on the list of Best Workplaces 2018 in the Netherlands, and it’s something we’re very proud of. Not only because it means that we attract and retain top talent, but also because it positively affects our collaboration with clients. After all, a good, stimulating working environment fosters committed employees who go the extra mile. With the help of our outstanding teams, organizations can secure their future and excel within their respective fields.

What is a Best Workplace? Every year, Great Place to Work® Netherlands performs an empirical study, based on which it composes a list of the highest scoring organizations. But what does it mean to be a Best Workplace? “The organizations on the list of Best Workplaces have developed working environments in which trust, pride, and fun are central,” says René Brouwers, director of Great Place to Work® Netherlands. “They also fulfill an exemplary role with regard to other organizations.” Because of the strict criteria, it is quite difficult for organizations to rank on the list: “It’s a result that you can be proud of!”

What are the details of the study? Great Place to Work® Netherlands adopts a thorough approach. Employees of participating organizations share their opinion on five values: credibility, respect, honesty, pride, and camaraderie. These values are linked to performances. René explains, “We can back this up with thirty years of research, because that is how long we have been using this method.

Our research is the only one that not only asks for employees’ opinions, but that also weighs the employers’ policies.” The strength of the research lies in this combination, as it allows organizations to gain insight into the effectiveness of their policies. Therefore, the outcomes of the empirical research are applicable in practice – a major advantage, because it enables participating organizations to further optimize their policies. This is beneficial for employees and clients alike.

The fact that IG&H was the highest ranking first-time participant, immediately placing in the top 5, is an important milestone. “This confirms the strong culture that we and our clients experience,” says Jan van Hasenbroek, managing partner at IG&H. “Of course, I’m particularly proud of all the people who enable our organization to be a great place to work day after day.”

Playing together to win: the quintessential IG&H employee We believe that outstanding performances start with excellent teams: people with different skills and views who work closely together. Therefore, we hire talents based on IQ and EQ. They can effectively help organizations achieve their goals.

As we understand that top talents also have certain demands, we offer them a constructive working environment. There is a lot of room for development in the form of training courses and coaching. This allows our employees to grow in the best possible way, which benefits their personal development as well as the services we provide to clients.

Energy, passion, courage, and enthusiasm are connecting factors. Additionally, we share a common leading thought, both externally and internally. Neither with our clients nor with each other do we have an ‘us-and-them’ relationship. ‘Together’ is our keyword, ‘playing to win’ is our motto. No wonder that our firm abounds in ambition and competitiveness. For example, we engage in many sports and team activities internally. And when working with our clients, we are not satisfied until we’ve achieved successes (which, by the way, we also celebrate together). However, at IG&H, one person’s endeavors are not at the expense of another person’s aspirations. We find it important to offer enough room for every talent. In addition, transparency and trust play a major role – both within the organization and in our relationships with clients. This is reflected in our open company culture, among other things.

Make Strategy Work: IG&H’s approach

IG&H’s employees share a passion for transformation. We help leading organizations in the financial services, health, and retail sectors. Our starting point: it’s all about the end customer. Based on this idea, we set organizations in motion. Authenticity, craftsmanship, and courage are central in this regard. These qualities also reign supreme within our organization.

Our approach is as authentic as it is unique. When working on a project, we take into account its content, process, and people. Because we believe that these three elements are inextricably linked. Time and again, our working method, Make Strategy Work, turns out to be the key to a lasting improvement. That’s what our employees aim for, as it’s the only way to truly help your organization!

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