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Intermediary Market Intelligence Suite
  • Reliable market intelligence and strategic insights on an operational, tactical and strategic level are vital for success in the financial advisory market  

  • Financial service providers must understand the complex intermediary market dynamics and their performance with intermediaries 

  • IG&H works together with the market to collect unique and actionable data to feed FS providers with information, insights and advice for Commercial Excellence 

At a glance

The intermediary market is an essential distribution channel for most Financial Services providers (FS companies). Many insurance companies, pension providers and mortgage providers rely on the intermediary market for distribution. These companies need to understand market dynamics, their position and their performance with intermediaries. For example, market developments in terms of volume or which segments are developing the most and whether the desired position is achieved in these segments.

However, the intermediary landscape is complex, dynamic and untransparent. This makes it difficult for sales and distribution teams to know where to focus their efforts and how they compare in performance to the competition. Rather than periodic updates, continuous and current insights are the standard to strive for. As long-time sector insider, IG&H is a trusted partner with deep expertise that cooperates with FS providers to create market intelligence about the intermediary distribution channel.

IG&H provides three distinct market intelligence products: The Distribution Monitor, Performance Monitor and Intermediary Profiling. These products are created by – and for the market. We do this by aggregating data that is collected directly from the FS companies and intermediaries with data that is extracted from public data sources. We not only integrate all the different data, but also translate it into actionable insights like market shares, share-of-wallet, performance benchmarks, segmentations and intermediary company profiles.  


“With the IG&H Intelligence products, FS providers keep their eye on the ball and take fact-based and focused actions to achieve commercial excellence.”


Distribution Monitor 

The Distribution Monitor offers unique insight into the size, purchase shares and trends in the intermediary channel. It also provides insight into the development of individual intermediaries, the position of FS providers and growth potential.  

Performance Monitor  

The Performance Monitor provides up-to-date and actionable feedback for FS providers about their performance and NPS (Net Promotor Scores) with intermediaries, including a benchmark against competitors on key topics.  

Intermediary profiling

Intermediary Profiling offers an in-depth picture of intermediaries' business models, online profiles and digital maturity, allowing for focused action.  

With IG&H Intelligence products, FS companies gain accurate insight into their performance with advisors along with concrete recommendations for improvement. Collaborating with reputable parties to create these products, we also provide reliable results due to representative market coverage by submarket.   


Would you like to know more?  

You can reach out to: 

Marloes Heijink 

Manager Data & Anayltics 

T: +31615286716 


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