Defining the digital transformation blueprint for a Dutch insurer

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What they wanted
Our client created a growth strategy for the next 5 years, which exposed that the company needed to make a giant (digital) transformation to implement this strategy. To enable the organisation and IT to realise this strategy a decent design for the business model, operating model and IT were required.

What we did
As no time could be lost, an interconnected programme with three workstreams was created. Each workstream was jointly lead by an IG&H expert and one workstream owner by the client to ensure transmission of knowledge, buy-in, and fun. Deliverables were carefully aligned to create a plan with logic that carefully built upon all components.

What we achieved
In five months’ time a blueprint for the entire insurance operation was detailed. Market insights that were previously not available to the client were used, templates that enabled them to structure all blueprints are still used after IG&H has left and most importantly the workstream owners of the client could execute the plans that were created. The total transformation will take over 2 years time, but will result in significant improvement in customer service while decreasing costs by 10%.

What they said
“We are very satisfied. Excellent consistency across the workstreams, all deadlines were met and all stakeholders agreed.”


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