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Developing a strategic growth plan for a non-profit organization

Our purpose is to contribute to the welfare of millions in everyday life by creating an impact to our society. By taking part in projects for Impact Matters, we help non-profit organizations with achieving their goals and in this way, make a positive impact on our society. We do this by contributing our knowledge and expertise to pressing questions from these organisations. At the same time, we offer employees the possibility to develop themselves further and work together with colleagues from other entities. All in all, this results in leadership that encourages us as IG&H-colleagues to take part in project of Impact Matters.

Cash2Grow is a non-profit organization that promotes those on a tight budget to participate in saving groups, so they can become more socially and financially resilient.

Developing a strategic growth plan

Cash2Grow had successfully completed a pilot with 6 saving groups in the Netherlands and they wanted to expand their reach. Therefore, they asked us to help them develop a strategic growth plan till 2025. In the limited time we had, we helped in formulating the objectives, executed a process and market analysis, identified new ideas for Cash2Grow and developed two new business models in more detail. In weekly online sessions, we presented and discussed these topics.

New business models and way forward

We helped Cash2Grow think about the next steps, new directions, and the impact on their business model and organisation. The two new potential business models we identified and developed formed valuable input for new discussions about their way forward and helped them gain new financing.

There were several elements that made this project a success for both sides. First, it was a very close cooperation, because the set-up with the weekly sessions was very interactive. The level of energy and enthusiasm in these sessions was very high. Internally, it was also a nice opportunity to work together with someone from a different team and learn from each other. Second, we were able to add significant value with our financial knowledge, business perspective and out of the box thinking. At the same time, we also learned a lot about their drivers, target groups and organization. It gave us the opportunity to work in a different context and develop our skills.


‘We are highly satisfied about your commitment, enthusiasm, expertise and efficiency. Our weekly sessions were much appreciated!’


Annelies van Putten


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