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GenAI automates B2B lead search & prioritization
  • Manually mapping a market to see which leads match the target customer profile is time-consuming 

  • Generative AI together with web scraping enable lead collection, lead assessment and priority ranking at scale 

  • Thousands of leads were sorted by priority; Sales and Business Development teams could focus on building relationships with prospects 

  • Efficiency and conversion increased, along with more personalization options for offers made to prospects 

At a glance:

Identifying high-potential B2B leads is crucial for business development. However, manual lead prospecting is a time-intensive task. It is also costly and prone to human biases. The Sales and Business Development teams would benefit from a solution that streamlines this process and increases their efficiency. How can you enable these teams to focus on what they do best – building relationships with prospects and transforming them into clients? 


The B2B Landscape: When manual mapping isn’t enough 

An innovative logistics company faced a common challenge: How to efficiently identify and prioritize B2B leads that align with their target customer profile? The sales team knew the top 10-20% largest clients/prospects within their market. However, for the remaining 80-90% they had little information. Manually mapping the market would take months, for which they simply had no capacity. It was time for an automated, intelligent approach. 

GenAI as the perfect match for lead identification and prioritization 

Using GenAI and web scraping, we were able to map over 80% of their target market automatically. In addition, we ranked these targets/leads according to priority using characteristics completely set by the logistics company. The GenAI and webscraping workflow consisted of three main steps: 


1. Lead Collection  

The model scours the web, collecting potential targets/leads from Google search results and online databases.

2. Lead assessment 

For each target/lead, GenAI poses key questions that match the target/lead against the “ideal target customer profile”. These questions are answered based on available online information about the lead, ensuring a high-quality profile of the potential client.

3. Priority ranking 

Using the GenAI constructed customer profiles, each target/lead receives a priority score. Automatically, the leads that best fit the target customer profile rise to the top. 


From manual search to automated success 

Our GenAI project achieved remarkable outcomes in a matter of weeks:

Time & cost Savings: What once would have taken months, is now readily (and repeatably) available. The resulting hitlist showcased thousands of leads, sorted by priority. The Sales team can now swiftly identify top prospects and allocate time strategically.

Increased sales activity & conversion: By focusing efforts on interacting with qualified target/leads instead of identifying them, the number of client visits surged. Additionally, the specific information retrieved by the model provided sales representatives a great way to personalize their offer to the prospect. This approach greatly benefited both efficiency and conversion!

Scalability: Whether dealing with hundreds, thousands or even more targets and leads, GenAI scales effortlessly. If our client considers a new market, GenAI can swiftly navigate through this new B2B landscape as well. 


This approach exemplifies how GenAI can provide enormous value at little effort, if implemented correctly.

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