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Convenient low-code customer information database for MedTech company
  • A MedTech company’s customer information database has moved from spreadsheets to a fast, secure low-code application with significantly reduced error sensitivity 

  • Data maintenance was simplified, and processes were optimized with three distinct user profiles 

  • Customer experience improved and agents were empowered to do their jobs more efficiently 

  • Total development time: three months 

At a glance:

A top-tier medical device company was working with a customer database created with spreadsheets. However, with orders coming in from various countries, and placed by multiple agents, maintaining an excel-based customer information database became overwhelming. Even constant upkeep did not guarantee flawless functioning. Instead, it was more error-prone: Version control, macros, maintenance across countries and performance could quickly become an issue. This often resulted in errors during order creation, frustrated agents and a poor customer experience.

The MedTech company’s excel-based solution could not keep up any longer with the desire to have an easy-to-use, flawless and up-to-date customer information database. The company turned to IG&H & OutSystems to help them build a new application as a replacement.   


As simple as possible, as complex as necessary 

With a vast number of information flows, all data should be available at one central point and alterations should be transparent. Any data change is requested by a workflow and these amendments are recorded by a change log. This helps the company eliminate errors by offering traceability and version control. Nonetheless, not all information is relevant to everyone. Therefore, the application accommodates three user profiles with defined user rights:

  • Administrator - enhances the work of the country responsible and the user  

  • Country responsible - keeps order entry details and country exceptions up to date  

  • User - reads the order entry details and country exceptions

Upgraded data maintenance for a better - customer experience 

The customer information database is easily accessible for agents with a single sign-on. Data maintenance is enabled through a simplified and optimized process for customer data​, standardization of data input​, workflows for approval and improved governance for customer data input. Furthermore, the solution includes data migration capabilities. Configuration of countries and exceptions, business unit specific information and maintaining “other” customer information are some of the additional functionalities. 


"The customer information database will further enable us to improve our service levels and strive for customer experience whilst we make it easier for our teams to do their jobs."  

Vice President Customer Care & Supply Chain EMEA | MedTech company  


 “In just three months, we re-platformed what used to be an administrative headache into a user-friendly application with increased accuracy and efficiency for the client. We understood the importance of an efficient approval workflow and adequate change log while low-code allowed us to work fast and adapt along the way.” 

Mirjam Peters | IG&H developer 


An easier way to read customer data translates into an improved customer experience along with increased accuracy for order entry and greater work efficiency. The MedTech company successfully left behind spreadsheets for a more accurate, user-friendly application, happy agents and happier customers. 

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