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Low-code capabilities 

Collaborate directly with your low-code partner 

What is low-code and how does it tie into innovation? Low-code technology enables you to develop software and applications with minimal coding. Visual elements make development more intuitive. These building blocks allow businesses to benefit from reusability and speed. 

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Being able to easily evolve software keeps business innovation options open. Faster development allows you to focus more on business requirements and processes. According to Gartner it is estimated that the market for low-code will grow by 20% in 2023 and by 2024, low-code application development will be responsible for more than 65% of application development activity. 

Low-code as a gateway to digitalization 

Why choose low-code? 

Low-code offers you both speed and agility. “We want to meet our customers’ and employees’ demands but our IT is too slow to react or even understaffed…” is unfortunately a familiar situation for many companies. A low-code approach makes it easier to center your processes around your clients and employees. With low-code, you can develop unique software or customize off-the-shelf software quickly. This gets systems and workflows done faster. 

For most organizations, having a clear overview and gathering the necessary information is often a time-consuming and frustrating challenge as their software is siloed and not interlinked. Low-code helps align your technology with your business, accelerating digital transformation.


Low-code offers you:

Increased speed 

Development time significantly reduced by up to one-third 

Reduced costs 

Lower TCO based on simplicity

and automation with up to 50% savings 

Unified UX 

Create a cross-platform experience, easily available on mobile, desktop, etc. 

Adaptability through integration 

Integrate the app, third party components and systems into your IT landscape  

Business involvement 

As a part of the development cycle, your business benefits from continuous improvement and increased adoption 

When to use low-code? 

Off the shelf software isn’t always a 100% match for your business requirements. These packages often lead businesses to consider a trade-off between functionality and customization.


Low-code offers you two main options: You can either customize these solutions to close the gap between business requirements and the software or you can create a new system built entirely with low-code.


Low-code can support you in many areas: your operations, digital core systems, digital user or employee experiences – customer engagement, field services, employee interaction and more. 

Low-code as a good option to replace legacy systems

Businesses often have an outdated and/or heterogeneous IT landscape. Yet, these systems are vital for a business’s operations. Next to arising and growing compliance and security issues, this leads to high maintenance efforts and tied up resources. Additionally, outdated or limited API (application programming interfaces) don’t allow integration with modern, cloud solutions as easily as required.


Low-code provides a smart approach to address these challenges and allows you to modernize your IT landscape step by step; no matter if only acting as middleware, replacing single applications or modernizing the entire landscape. 

Working with low-code on integrations, your IT architecture is streamlined and maintenance efforts are reduced.

This is enabled by out-of-the-box integrations for major core systems. By reducing complexity, you can innovate more.

Some typical applications that can be easily integrated via API are: 

The power of low-code on integrating 

Simplified workflow

Benefits of low-code and IG&H’s Smart Collaboration 

Good collaboration makes or breaks an IT project. Misaligned priorities or unclear requirements set between the business, developers and a third party can cause confusion. IG&H lives the values of smart collaboration and thereby provides a great low-code build experience. As strategists and sector insiders, we understand your business. Together with our business engineers, we communicate your needs to our in-house developers. The UI/UX experts consider applications’ front-end user experience for your employees and simplify their workflow.  

Low-code development, implementation and service

With changing business demands, it is vital that your systems are adaptable. With specific sector knowledge and an AGILE approach, we design, develop, test and implement your solutions while project management continuously ensures quality. With our low-code approach, your business becomes adaptable and you can optimize customer experiences, core processes, overall IT efficiency and much more. 

Ready to innovate with low-code? 

Simplify and streamline your organization’s way of working by becoming more efficient, agile and cost-effective. With over 35 years of sector expertise and more than 100 low-code experts, we ensure technology aligns with your business and your people.  

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