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Process automation and ChatGPT improve customer service at leading travel agency
  • A leading Dutch travel agency struggled with the many repetitive tasks their customer care department had to perform

  • IG&H analyzed their systems and processes to find solutions with the highest value in the shortest time

  • Low-code, RPA and ChatGPT were used to build fit-for-purpose automated flow􏰁s

  • Over 80,000 actions were performed automatically within the first 3 months

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At a glance:

Especially since the Covid pandemic, the travel sector has become quite volatile. Customer care departments are flooded with thousands of requests each month. Handling these requests demands a lot of manual labor, which is especially challenging during peak seasons. This challenge is accompanied by personnel shortages, disruptions at major international airports and geopolitical events that occur at increasing frequency. Business disruptions and long waiting times for customers tend to be the result, along with lower service quality.

A new rhythm for employees: no more robotic repetition

For a leading travel agency based in the Netherlands, we implemented several automated flows playfully referred to as ‘MrRobot’. These flows cover common repetitive tasks such as handling flight changes, consolidating travel documents and creating correspondence logs so that customer care agents can focus on more valuable tasks. These flows were chosen based on a thorough analysis of impact and implementation speed, and they were connected to existing systems to seamlessly fit into employees’ current workflows. Fit-for- purpose tools such as ChatGPT, RPA and low-code platform OutSystems were used, delivering the first fully automated flow in just 4 weeks. Furthermore, an automation dashboard was built to allow for performance monitoring and to improve processes in real-time.


"Thanks to the quick and targeted automation that IG&H has implemented, our customer care employees can now be staffed on much more valuable tasks" 

Director of Customer Care | Leading Dutch travel agency


Within the first 3 months, MrRobot performed over 80,000 actions automatically with no manual intervention. This led to over 1,750 hours of estimated manual work saved. Pressure on the organization was directly relieved, creating much needed space to handle more complex requests during the peak springs holidays. Beyond handling peak loads, automation has also contributed to higher employee satisfaction, quicker response times and higher process quality. By automating common repetitive tasks, customer care employees gained the time needed to do what they do best: Helping their customers.

Read more about our approach and the automated flows here

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