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Distribution strategy to collaborate with financial intermediaries for a mid-sized Dutch insurer
  • IG&H helped set up a new distribution strategy, bringing an outside-in perspective combined with data-driven analysis of the insurer’s proprietary information 

  • Close collaboration with the insurer’s account management led to clear segmentation of intermediaries 

  • New service levels (Dutch: bedieningsconcepten) were created for each segment 

  • A data-driven dialogue triggered a mindset shift for many employees 

At a glance:

Our client, a mid-sized Dutch insurer, has a total of 3,000 financial intermediaries with whom they collaborate. Initially, there was no segmentation amongst these thousands of intermediaries, making prioritization and a clear overview difficult. Typically, the majority of the business revolves around a small set of advisors. Segmentation would help the insurer improve their (indirect channel) service levels by finetuning them in various groups. To enable the commercial organization to identify its top intermediaries and facilitate further growth, a distribution strategy was required. 

Our approach  

We began with a strong core team, consisting of both the client and IG&H sector experts. The project ran in three phases:  

1) Analysis  

2) Segmentation 

3) Servicing  

The analysis was done through interviews with the client, sector knowledge and proprietary IG&H data in the form of the IG&H Distribution Monitor. The IG&H Distribution Monitor which showcases each insurer’s share of wallet at which advisor, along with the option to set segmentation targets per sub-market.

Segmentation is built upon the preferences of the client together with suggestions and experience from IG&H.

Servicing helped spark a set-up-for-success dialogue, from meeting strategic goals and allocation of resources to staffing. Based on this discussion about a successful setup and the new segmentation, a target was set. A bottom-up validation was done on the goals and growth ambition of the team on the full list of individual advisors; the account managers pinpointed how much they wanted to expand within each intermediary. 


“We are very satisfied. Excellent consistency across the workstreams, all deadlines were met and all managers will tell the same compelling story.” 

Division Manager Commerce