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MedTech company develops post-purchase support app with IG&H and OutSystems
  • Post-purchase apps facilitate the relationship between companies and customers, empowering customers who have the required information at their fingertips

  • The benefits are increased sales potential, a more data-driven way of working, improved productivity and an enhanced customer experience

  • These apps are built quickly thanks to low-code and automation saves the company even more time

  • Total development time: three months

At a glance:

One of the largest global medical device companies in the world sells thousands of products to healthcare providers. However, with such a vast number of products also comes a huge number of support requests. Customers expect instant support they can access with a click. The company was being flooded by support requests on a continuous basis. Requests covered many topics and included customers asking for user guides, hardware and software tutorials, troubleshooting and disposable needs. With such a high demand for detailed information, it became clear that a self-service tool was necessary.


Using low-code to build a one-stop-shop

The MedTech company partnered with IG&H and OutSystems to create a single interface for customers. The result is a mobile application that facilitates post-purchase relations between the company and their customers. It provides access to technical support, troubleshooting, education and disposable needs. Customers can now conveniently access all support tools and services through a one-stop-shop.

The advantages range from increased sales potential and better use of data to improved productivity and enhanced customer experience. The company saw an increase in sales potential because it not only offered an improved customer experience but was also able to differentiate itself from the competition by providing comprehensive instant remote support.

The company also benefits from a more data-driven way of working. Previously, it sold devices to hospitals without any insights into who was using its products. Thanks to this innovative project, the company now has direct contact to healthcare providers, which translates into increased intelligence and engagement.

Productivity increased because sales representatives could shift their focus from deal follow-up to generating new deals instead. This saved the sales team a lot of time, along with the Smart Mate app reducing the time needed for several function redirecting requests on necessary support, which were sent to the correct departments via auto direction through Smart Mate app. 

Finally, the company offers an enhanced customer experience. Support is no longer an external feature but an essential part of the products. Customers have the portable knowledge in their hands that provides them direct access to support. The company went from being overwhelmed by support requests to empowering customers with instant access to the correct support resources.

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