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MedTech company develops post-purchase support app with IG&H and OutSystems
  • Post-purchase apps facilitate the relationship between companies and customers, empowering customers who have the required information at their fingertips

  • The benefits are increased sales potential, a more data-driven way of working, improved productivity and an enhanced customer experience

  • These apps are built quickly thanks to low-code and automation saves the company even more time

  • Total development time: three months

At a glance:

One of the largest global medical device companies in the world sells thousands of products to healthcare providers. However, with such a vast number of products also comes a huge number of support requests. Customers expect instant support they can access with a click. The company was being flooded by support requests on a continuous basis. Requests covered many topics and included customers asking for user guides, hardware and software tutorials, troubleshooting and disposable needs. With such a high demand for detailed information, it became clear that a self-service tool was necessary.