Bringing people and technology together

Aligning technology and the human factor is critical to the success of any digital transformation. The IG&H transformation team guides and inspires organizations to create sustainable results by aligning people and technology with the goals of your transformation.

The secret to a successful transformation

IG&H has been helping companies transform to improve business performance for over 33 years. In that time, we’ve learned that successful transformation takes more than just motivated executives, or the smartest consultants, or even the best technology. What it takes is for every employee touched by the transformation to actively contribute to its success, every day.


Using our “Smart Collaboration” approach, the IG&H Transformation team works alongside Sector teams to align people and technology with a project’s overall goals. The team helps to boost agility and innovation through effective use of new technologies and agile ways of working, redesigns organizational structures and changes employee habits, mindsets, vocabulary and skills to support new objectives

7 essential components across 3 domains

There are 7 essential dimensions of any organizational transformation. The extent to which these dimensions are aligned with the goals of your transformation play a critical role in its success.

Innovation & Agility
Government & Alliance
People & Mindset
Way of Working

Start with a clear purpose and translate it for all levels of the organization

Provide direction, facilitate organizational transition, and be an example of the desired change

Increase mindset for ‘Intentional Innovation’ through use of new technologies and agile ways of working

Develop new skills at all levels that are necessary for the chosen new direction

Ensure clear goals/roles per team and design a suitable organization that facilitates the direction and results

Create ownership and steer desired behavior as a base for internal movement

Implement an integrated approach for the new way of working and a common language

Our service offerings

Guided by the 7 dimensions, the IG&H Transformation team ensures an integrated approach to organizational change across three key domains: business transformation; agile delivery and org design and HR.

Behavioral change

empower your employees to create ownership and desired behavior in line with the organisational goals

Way of working change

make data-driven improvements, and coach your teams

Leadership training

train your leaders as a team and as an individual in line with the desired organisational change

Agile Delivery

deliver short timeline high quality business value

Agile Transformation

transform your organisation by implementing an agile way of working so your organisation becomes more predictable and more customer driven

Organizational Design

redesign and implement a new organisational structure in line with your new organisation strategy

HR Transition

guide an expected transition to a successful workforce

With hundreds of successful projects delivered, the Transformation team’s work has proven mission-critical to a successful and sustainable digital transformation.

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