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IG&H collaborates with medical purchasing platform

Healthcare attributes and IG&H recently decided to jointly develop the purchasing platform. This collaboration relates to IG&H's triple aim in the healthcare sector, specifically, the reduction of the cost of care. With its broad experience in digital transformations and the healthcare sector, IG&H is the ideal partner to further expand the platform together with

What is is a platform that facilitates the pricing of medical devices and materials. It allows healthcare institutions to conveniently combine their purchasing power. Supply and demand come together and healthcare professionals can choose products via the platform at the lowest possible cost. In turn, suppliers gain access to more healthcare facilities and a larger sales market.

The benefit? Healthcare institutions still have the freedom to choose their supplier. As a result, healthcare institutions retain control and autonomy over their purchasing on this independent platform.

What is the objective?

Our common goal is to minimize the costs of purchasing and to provide insights into price developments through collective purchasing reinforcement. In 2021, and IG&H organized a serious game. The positive responses from the participants showed the need for an independent platform that offers healthcare institutions the opportunity to agree on prices jointly with suppliers.

Do you want to experience what can do for you and your hospital? We invite you to join the next serious game. In this game session, you learn how to use the tender platform and discover the benefits of in an interactive way.

Curious about the platform or a serious game session? You can contact

Femke Keijzer

T: +31651183711




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