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Employee in the spotlight: Meet Rosalien from the Retail team

Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Rosalien and I am 27 years old. I've been working at IG&H for about 2.5 years now. I did a bachelor’s in Mathematics in Utrecht and a master’s in Econometrics in Tilburg. In my free time, I enjoy sailing in Friesland, spending time with my friends or doing volunteer work at Buurtbemiddeling.

What is your role & what does it involve?

I am a consultant in the Retail team. I started at IG&H immediately after my studies as an analyst, and after about a year I became a consultant. Your tasks as a consultant are varied: you conduct analyses, facilitate work sessions, prepare meetings and discuss the next steps in a project with your team and the client.

Employee in the spotlight, Rosalien, IGH

What drew you to IG&H, and the Retail team in particular?

During my studies, I learned that I was really interested in solving (logistic) puzzles using data. I did two internships: one in healthcare logistics and one in relation to the Dutch train network. My takeaway from these experiences was that I love diving into a new topic for a short period trying to fully understand the situation. Therefore, I started looking for a job in consulting.

Besides that, topics around logistics, planning and data caught my eye - preferably in a changing and innovative environment. The retail sector faces a lot of challenges in this direction, which can be solved using data, so I applied at IG&H. I had already met several colleagues from the Retail team during the job interview process; they left a very good impression on me. After the interviews, I wanted to work with these people and felt I could learn a lot from them.

What do you like most about your role as a retail consultant?

The variety of projects! I am working on several projects from strategy to implementation at companies in the retail and logistics sector. There is lots of variety between different clients, but also a diversity in projects (e.g., logistics/supply chain, format, assortment, pricing, etc.). And I do all of this together with my kind and smart colleagues.

What does a typical day at IG&H look like?

I don’t think that there is a typical day in consulting. The projects, the content, the people… it’s always different. One of the only things that stays the same is that my morning always starts with a 'day start' with the team, to determine what needs to be done and if anyone needs help. Everything else depends on the project. I work alternately at the client's office, at the IG&H office and sometimes at home, but could also be spending my day visiting the client’s distribution center for example.

Warehouse retail

What has been your most rewarding project moment at IG&H?

The first moment that comes to mind is from my previous project. It was an assignment for a retailer that got a new store format. One of the goals of this project was to provide advice on the layout of the map, taking into account the preferences of the customer and optimizing the margin. How many square meters of towels do you put in which store? There were many calculations behind the model, but in the end, the advice was converted into concrete shop floor plans.

A few months later, after the pilot stores had been renovated, the team was there for the store opening, a moment where I certainly felt proud. It was amazing to see how theoretical calculations have become something real, and I was very proud of all the people from the client and IG&H for having realized this. This is also something I love about the retail sector - it’s so tangible.

What have you learned so far / how have you grown professionally and/or personally?

I learned and developed myself in multiple ways since I started working at IG&H. Of course, I developed knowledge about the retail and logistics sector. But I have also gained a lot more confidence in doing my job. IG&H encourages you to get out of your comfort zone. I've done so many things in the past year that I thought I couldn't be successful in. But with the right support from a project manager or mentor, I could do more than I thought.

At IG&H, you get a lot of training opportunities, from hard skills to soft skills. For example, using Excel efficiently, giving presentations, but also, and even more important in my opinion, about your personal impact and behavioral preferences.

What do you enjoy most about working at IG&H?

I’d say there are three pillars. The two most important pillars that allow me to truly enjoy my work are the content of my projects and the colleagues I work with. The third pillar is a fun one; I love the IG&H events. Last year, for example, we visited the area around Munich for a weekend and went “Bavarian rafting”. Besides that, there are a lot of other company-wide events with great parties, for example around Christmas or in the summertime. We also join the yearly field hockey competition. There are plenty of options to see your colleagues outside working hours in a fun environment!

IGH hockey team

What is your advice to candidates who want to pursue a career in consultancy?

If you’re interested in solving complex puzzles, data and interacting with other people in varied situations, go for it!


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