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Sustainable Healthcare Challenge: Inspirator event at IG&H

Since 2022, IG&H has been a proud partner of The Sustainable Healthcare challenge (SHC). This non-profit organization aims to foster young entrepreneurship and innovation in the healthcare sector. Through several events and a start-up trajectory, the SHC inspires students and young professionals to improve healthcare in a sustainable way. On February 8, 2024, IG&H hosted the "Inspirator" in collaboration with the SHC.

The Inspirator events typically focus on providing an easy and accessible introduction to innovation and entrepreneurship. The edition of February 8th was called "Person-centered innovation: from data to solution" and included inspiring keynote presentations. Bas Leerink, Managing Director Healthcare IG&H, spoke about how to overcome hurdles in innovation and book progress within healthcare. Rogier Croes gave a presentation explaining how digital measurement tool Tante Co uses data to generate valuable insights within elderly care homes.


Next to the keynotes, IG&H's experts hosted workshops focusing on tools to innovate the healthcare sector. Jeroen van Heteren brought expertise from the field of UX/UI design and design thinking principles to overcome healthcare issues, such as medication-related nursing problems in hospitals. Annemiek Janssens from Healthcare and Rinke Klein Entink from Data Science touched upon the dynamics of generative AI in patient-centric situations. The video below offers you a peek behind the SHC scenes:


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As a partner, IG&H supports the SHC in their mission to foster young entrepreneurship and innovation within healthcare with our expertise and in-depth knowledge from the healthcare sector as well as our digital capabilities by providing advice, training sessions and workshops during the start-up program and support for other events.


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