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PLANgroep's digital transformation in financial care

• A mission critical legacy platform was replaced using lowcode technology (lead time: 8 months)

• €600,000 baseline measurable benefits

• MVP exceeded Business Value after Go-Live

• Full Transformation is initiated including business processes

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At a glance:

PLANgroep is a financial care provider that offers individual help to people who are (temporarily) unable to manage their finances and/or organize personal care. A subsidiary of Cohedron, PLANgroep focuses on debt counseling, budget management and administration for over 25,000 Dutch citizens in need.

Talk to you later, traditional. Hello platform.

Cohedron CEO, Jeroen Ekkel has hopes of expanding PLANgroep’s success across the rest of Europe. He realized achieving this ambition wouldn’t be possible on the back of PLANgroep’s 10-year-old Sharepoint-based BPM (business process manager), which had become unreliable and couldn’t sustain more growth.

PLANgroep had to transform from a traditional organization to a platform organization. Ekkel turned to IG&H for the digital transformation of PLANgroep’s existing infrastructure, with three requirements for the new system. It had to:

1. Be reliable and adaptable for future needs, without knowing what those needs might be.

2. Facilitate cost-effective scalability, leveraging as many out-of-the-box services as possible.

3. Enforce a “one way of working” approach, while still enabling employees to accommodate their clients’ very specific needs and serve them in a highly personalized way.


“The task we gave IG&H was to drive 120 km per hour, while laying the groundwork for this path. IG&H rolled up their sleeves and completed our transformation without compromising our ability to do what we do best.”

Jeroen Ekkel, CEO Cohedron


Transformation for people and technology

To build the new BPM, IG&H and PLANgroep partnered with OutSystems, a leading low-code development platform, to ensure a highly adaptable development process in which they could rapidly iterate based on user feedback. It was a large and potentially disruptive transformation that would have to focus as much on the people involved as the technology. The new system is called Flow, able to enforce common workflows for client-facing work and best practices if customization had to be implemented.

In 18 months, IG&H succeeded in completely replacing PLANgroep’s existing solution on time and within budget. This included the transformation of work paradigms and data migrations. PLANgroep anticipates the new system will produce a high return on investment through cost savings and increased efficiency.

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